• Therapeutic Ketogenic Diets: Evidence from the Experts

    Franziska Spritzler cuts through some of the confusion surrounding ketogenic diets and weighs up their therapeutic applications. Particularly exciting is the contined and emerging science around the use of ketogenic diets (in conjunction with traditional therapies) in treating different forms of cancer.

  • Low Carb Breakfast Stax

    Looking for a way to make your bacon and eggs a little bit special? This recipe from ruled.me uses bacon weaves to create Low Carb Breakfast Stax that are both beautiful and indulgent.

  • World Health Organisation, meat & cancer

    Zoë Harcombe looks at the recent report from the World Health Organisation linking red meat consumption and cancer and provides five reasons why it’s safe to ignore it. “Nothing has changed from my fundamental belief that human beings should eat real food (especially grass-fed, naturally reared meat and naturally preserved meat).”

  • Cutting Sugar Improves Children’s Health in Just 10 Days

    A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the journal Obesity has found that obese children who cut back on their sugar intake see improvements in their blood pressure, cholesterol readings and other markers of health after just 10 days.

  • Bacon and Cauliflower Hash

    This awesome recipe for Bacon and Cauliflower Hash from lowcarb-ology.com makes a great side dish to just about any meal. A great option if you’re looking to extend your repertoire of quick, easy and most importantly tasty low carb fare.

  • Coca-Cola’s sneaky, evil politics: How Big Soda twisted race and used the Koch Brothers to fight a tax

    There’s no doubt Coca Cola has had a bad year; sales are dropping, ‘Coca-Cola Life’ has been a failure and the cat’s out of the bag in terms of Coke funding biased scientific research. But never under estimate Coke. Here’s a great article that outlines the tactics the company is willing to employ to maintain their market share at the expense of our health.

  • Autism and Ketogenic Diets

    Evolutionary Psychiatrist Dr. Emily Deans looks at 1999 study on the effects of a ketogenic diet on 30 Greek children diagnosed with Autism. For some of the participants, the improvement in their condition was exceptional.

  • Coconut Crusted Avocado Fries

    This fantastic recipe for avocado fries crusted with shredded coconut from PaleoHacks works great as a side dish or as a meal by itself. Light, crunchy, low carb and gluten free – everyone will love them.

  • Cheesy LCHF flaxseed and cauliflower bread

    A light and tasty low carb bread option, this cheesy lchf flaxseed and cauliflower bread is ready in an hour and can be adjusted to suit your palate by adding your favourite flavours.