• Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer

    A groundbreaking new study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Investigation’ is the first of its kind to identify sugar, not only as fuel source for an already existing cancer, but as a primary driver in oncogenesis – i.e. the initiation of cancerous characteristics (phenotype) within previously healthy cells.

  • Avocado Tuna Melt Bites

    A quick and easy to follow recipe utilising common household ingredients – these Avocado Tuna Melt Bites from ruled.me taste great. They can also be conveniently adapted to suit your personal taste and the kids will love them.

  • High-fat diet may alleviate mitochondrial disease

    Published June 30th 2015, Science Daily. This study looks at the effects of a high-fat diet on mice and shows that it may alleviate mitochondrial disease and the signs of aging. This work provides insight into potential new therapies for mitochondrial and metabolic diseases in humans.

  • Is Fructose Really The ‘Healthy’ Sugar?

    Dr. Steven Lin provides an excellent analysis of fructose and how our consumption of the perceived ‘healthy’ sugar has changed with the industrial food revolution. Isolated fructose overrides our hunger signals and leads to metabolic decline.

  • Cutting carbs: 21 alternatives to bread, potatoes & pasta

    Colleen B via www.experthometips.com has put together a tasty collection of twenty one alternatives to traditional high carbohydrate meal options. Who says you have to give up your favourites?

  • What happens to the carbs?

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of ‘The Great Cholesterol Con’ provides a brilliant breakdown of some of the problems with our current dietary guidelines. Eating carbohydrates is supposed to be healthy and eating saturated fat unhealthy yet the science proves otherwise.

  • Ketosis: Metabolic Flexibility in Action

    The Ketogenic Diet Resource outlines some of the unique properties of ketones. The brain and nerve cells, which are heavily dependent on glucose can be trained to utilise ketone bodies for fuel. Ketones are a “cleaner” fuel for your cells to use and burning fat for fuel causes less oxidative damage to cells which makes it possible for those cells to create much more energy than it can from glucose.

  • Low Carb Shepherds Pie

    Julia McPhee has created this excellent low carb version of the traditional winter-warming Shepherds Pie. The recipe uses cauliflower mash to replace those starchy potatoes and it tastes fantastic.

  • 81 Delicious Savory Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipes

    Eating Low Carb, High Fat as a vegetarian can be hard but it’s not impossible. Thankfully, the folks at KetoDiet Blog have compiled a collection of 81 Delicious Savory Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipes that shows it doesn’t have to be all about nuts and avocados.