• The Most Ketogenic Diet Foods

    A great post written and researched by Marty Kendall which analyses the insulin index of a range of foods to determine which are the most and least insulinogenic. Following this analysis, you can then calculate the ‘proportion of insulinogenic calories’ to help identify foods to prioritise on a ketogenic diet or improve your blood sugar control.

  • Is the Junk Food Era Drawing to a Close?

    An inspiring article written by Tom Philpott detailing the downturn in the profits of Big Food and the sharp increase in the popularity of farmers markets in America. We’re hoping this signals the start of victory for Real Food over Fast Food in Australia as well.

  • Dale’s Nutty Fudge Bars

    Dale’s Nutty Fudge Bars are a delightful combination of nuts, cheese to fill you up when you’re on the move. High in protein and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates – best of all they taste great!

  • Of Traitors and Truths

    An interesting article from Dr. Jason Fung exploring how our medical associations and doctors have sold us down the river by accepting funding from Big Food for studies that favour their commercial interests.

  • Dr. Dean Ornish blasts high-protein diets

    Published 23rd March, 2015. Dr. Dean Ornish published an op-ed piece in The New York Times titled ‘The Myth of High-Protein Diets’ which relied heavily on the observation of epidemiological studies to try to imply causation. This follow-up by Dr. Michael R. Eades analyses the article and finds that simply citing statistics and providing references does not equate to sound science.

  • 27 Low Carb Dinners

    Buzzfeed has been very busy lately collecting some delicious and inventive Low Carb recipes. Here is another selection from Christine Byrne that shows how fantastic a Low Carb, High Fat diet can be.

  • Flaxseed: Examining the Research

    Confused about eating Flaxseed on a Low Carb diet? Low Carb Dietician Franziska Spritzler has delved into research on Flaxseed to provide a breakdown on the pros and cons of consuming a seed that is extremely low in carbohydrates.

  • Kevin Bacon and eggs: Actor stars in egg industry campaign

    Kevin Bacon is set to star in a new series of print and online campaigns promoting the American egg industry after no significant relationship is found between dietary cholesterol and heart disease.

  • Dale’s Taco Salad

    A great tasting and healthy breakfast option from Low Carb expert Dale Hoffman.

    Simple to prepare – make it today and you’ll have enough to last for the whole week.