• Low Carb Spanish Chorizo and Manchego Egg Muffins

    Convenience. It’s not a word that’s closely associated with Low Carb, High Fat because when you stop eating processed food, things generally take a bit more time to prepare. Gerri from MyKetoKitchen.com has found a neat solution though with these Low Carb Spanish Chorizo and Manchego Egg Muffins.

  • Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance: Scope of the Problem

    This recently published paper, written by Dr. Jason Fung and Amy Berger, brilliantly outlines the true cost of the insulin resistance epidemic ravaging the world. It concludes with a call for modern medicine to cease the myopic and outdated search for a ‘silver bullet’ cure for many modern diseases and to instead embrace dietary and lifestyle interventions.

  • Those who promote a high fat low carbohydrate diet are silenced around the world

    The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency have issued a lifelong ruling to Dr. Gary Fettke, who despite being a qualified orthopaedic surgeon, is now no longer allowed to speak publicly on matters of nutrition. Interestingly, the ruling does not allow Gary to even do research in the area or gain further qualification because that would involve him communicating in the area of nutrition. Scottish doctor Malcolm Kendrick offers his take on the matter here.

  • Study bodes well for low-carb eaters

    A new study released by the University of Michigan shows that three low-carb meals eaten within just 24 hours lowers post-meal insulin resistance by more than 30 percent. The same study looked at those consuming high-carb meals and found sustained insulin resistance even after two hours of moderate-intensity exercise, which is supposed to lower insulin resistance and blood sugar levels.

  • Low Carb Parmesan Dijon Pork Chops

    This recipe for Low Carb Parmesan Dijon Pork Chops comes from Kimberly Grabinski via ‘What’s That Smell?’. It’s a truly tasty alternative to traditional bread crumbs and can be easily tweaked depending on your tastes for a delicious low carb meal.

  • Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It

    Further examples have emerged of ‘Big Soda’ using corporate philanthropy to undermine public health measures and silence calls for a soda tax. In one instance, the mayor of Philadelphia proposed a soda tax in 2010 and the beverage industry offered $10 million to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia if the tax proposal was dropped.

  • Food Consumption and the Actual Statistics Of Cardiovascular Diseases

    This study results found no association between CVDs and saturated fat. Instead, they agree with data accumulated from recent studies that link CVD risk with the high glycaemic index/load of carbohydrate-based diets.

  • Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup with Sausage

    This recipe from LowCarbYum.com for Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup (with the added bonuses of sausage and bacon) is an awesome example of a hearty and satisfying soup that still manages to keep the carb count down. You can also make a big batch of this chunky and delicious soup and freeze in portions for when cooking feels like a chore.

  • Coriander Chicken Burgers with Wasabi Mayo

    Here’s an easy low carb lunch option from stepawayfromthecarbs.com that’s both quick and tasty. We’d recommend making your own mayonnaise though (the store bought options are usually made with vegetable oil).