Big Food vs. Tim Noakes: The Final Crusade

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This article from The Russells is an extremely detailed and well-researched exposé of the ties between dietitians and Big Food in South Africa. “To some, the Noakes trial may look like fascist speech repression in promotion of toxic products, but for Coca-Cola and its proxies, it is just good business”.

Those who promote a high fat low carbohydrate diet are silenced around the world

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The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency have issued a lifelong ruling to Dr. Gary Fettke, who despite being a qualified orthopaedic surgeon, is now no longer allowed to speak publicly on matters of nutrition. Interestingly, the ruling does not allow Gary to even do research in the area or gain further qualification because that would involve him communicating in the area of nutrition. Scottish doctor Malcolm Kendrick offers his take on the matter here.

Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It

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Further examples have emerged of ‘Big Soda’ using corporate philanthropy to undermine public health measures and silence calls for a soda tax. In one instance, the mayor of Philadelphia proposed a soda tax in 2010 and the beverage industry offered $10 million to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia if the tax proposal was dropped.

The Most Contentious Meal of the Day

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A nice article from on the history of breakfast and the confusion and anxieties that surround the ‘most important meal of the day’. “It was presumed that if one ate breakfast, it was because one had other lusty appetites as well.”

Low Carb Works For Diabetes – Why Don’t More Doctors Advise It?

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Marika Sboros investigates why carbohydrate restriction isn’t officially recommended as a tool in the management of diabetes, despite it repeatedly proving to be effective. “One of the biggest reasons health organisations give for not recommending low-carb diets is lack of evidence on long-term safety. The problem is that there wasn’t any evidence on long-term safety of high-carb, low-fat diets when they were first introduced either”.

Nestlé Wants to Sell You Both Sugary Snacks and Diabetes Pills

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An interesting look at how the world’s largest food company, Nestlé wants to invent and sell ‘food medicine’. Sales in Nestlé’s confectionery business have fallen every year since 2012 and the companies response to this has been to invest heavily in research to create product lines designed to treat specific medical conditions. In other words, Nestlé would sell a problem with one hand and a remedy with the other.

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