• Gluten and the Brain

    This article published on thepaleodiet.com takes a look at some new research on how gluten could be impairing cognitive function by disrupting neurogenesis. While further research is certainly required, it argues that just because a specific mechanism for neurologic dysfunction hasn’t yet been identified – doesn’t mean gluten is doing anyone any favours.

  • Cheddar Jack Cauliflower Bomb

    At first glance this recipe from ‘Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved’ might look a little crazy. Boiling a whole cauliflower, stuffing it with an assortment of meat and cheeses and then roasting? Sounds insane but it’s actually insanely good.

  • Is It Time for the Dietary Guidelines to Die?

    With the recent release of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for America we find that not much has changed. While the cap on sugar intake is a step in the right direction the guidelines once again ignore the growing body of evidence for Low Carbohydrate nutrition. Ross Pomeroy writing for realclearscience.com takes a look at the history of the guidelines and questions; Is It Time for the Dietary Guidelines to Die?

  • LCHF Fathead Chicken and Camembert Pie

    Biting into a delicious meat pie that has come straight from the oven is one thing many people miss when they adopt Low Carb, High Fat. Fortunately, Kelli at Changing Meal Habits has been experimenting and come up with a fantastic LCHF Fathead Chicken and Camembert Pie recipe that gets the dough consistency just right.

  • The Day Low-Fat Died

    Written by Dr. Phil Maffetone, this article looks at the changes that came about in 2015 to finally kill-off the credibility of the low-fat diet message. Specifically he notes that The Journal of the American Medical Association printed a comment that it “tacitly acknowledges the lack of convincing evidence to recommend low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets for the general public in the prevention or treatment of any major health outcome, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or obesity.”

  • The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained

    British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra succinctly explains his low carb journey and reveals why you need to let fat be your medicine. “In my opinion a perfect storm of biased research funding, biased reporting in the media and commercial conflicts of interest have contributed to an epidemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed patients. The result is a nation of over-medicated sugar addicts who are eating and pill-popping their way to years of misery with chronic debilitating diseases and an early grave”.

  • Sugar found in ketchup and Coke linked to breast cancer

    This article published in The Telegraph looks at new findings from researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Centre. They have found that when mice are given a sucrose-rich diet the mice show increased levels of tumour growth and metastasis when the cancer spreads.

  • Second Opinion on BMJ Dietary Guideline Takedown

    Once again, the experts are passionately arguing about the amounts of saturated fats and carbohydrates that should be recommended in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. The heavy hitters at the moment are Nina Teicholz, Marion Nestle and David Katz who are each picking their respective corners and readying themselves to come out swinging.

  • Burying the Snackwell Myth

    This article written by Michael F. Jacobson looks at the “Snackwell effect” which posits that back in the 1980s and 1990s, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans told everyone to eat less fat and the American public responded by replacing fat with more refined carbohydrates, especially sugar. Jacobson argues that this story is wrong on the facts and is a damaging distraction that obscures the real causes (and solutions) for  diet-related, preventable disease.