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Join our Low Carb Down Under online course to increase your knowledge and confidence of applying carbohydrate restrictive diets.

The Low Carb Down Under Type 1 Diabetes Course 

This course is being redesigned so is not currently available.

Low Carb Down Under Low Carb Nutrition Course

Welcome to the Low Carb Down Under Low Carb Nutrition online course.  Our eCourse provides information explaining the science and practical application of the LCHF (low carb higher fat) style of eating to manage weight and health. This eCourse contains an optional extra segment to help participants move towards achieving their own individual goals.

Low Carb Diet eCourse

Defeat Diabetes Program

Join Australia’s first evidence-based and doctor-led program transforming the health of those diagnosed with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Visit Defeat Diabetes to learn more.

Defeat Diabetes App
Defeat Diabetes App