LCHF and Cancer

Can a Low Carb, High Fat ketogenic diet be used to reduce your chance of getting cancer or to treat an established cancer? There is good evidence to suggest yes.

Wide ranges of cancers are becoming more common. This is not just because people are living longer or because diagnosis is being made earlier due to technological advances. Most authorities suggest dietary changes or reduced physical activity as the likely causes for increased cancer. Our focus is on dietary causes and treatments.

There is growing interest in Low Carb, High Fat ketogenic diets in cancer prevention and treatment. It has been noted that many cancers thrive on glucose and require it to replicate. An LCHF diet converts our fuel from carbohydrates to an alternative that all our cells can use called ketones. We postulate that eating a well formulated, ketogenic LCHF diet will effectively starve some cancers. Dr Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner, discovered this theory in the 1930’s. See “Warburg Effect” for more information.

For more resources on the relationship between sugar, cancer and Low Carb, High Fat we suggest the works of Dr Dominic D’Agostino and Dr Colin Champ.

For an overview on the subject see Dr Kieron Rooney’s “Sugar and Cancer – Bench to Bedside” and Dr Thomas Seyfried’s “Targeting Energy Metabolism in Brain Cancer” below.