LCHF for Athletes

For Athletes looking to make the switch from traditional carb-loading to becoming fat adapted the book ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance‘ is a good place to start.

Professor Jeff Volek outlines some of the theory and science behind this approach in this video.

For Athletes looking to explore dietary aspects of LCHF, Nutritionist Katie King provides an ‘Introduction to LCHF for Athletes’ for those wanting to switch from using carbohydrates as a fuel to using fat for sustained athletic performance.

If you’re looking for anecdotal perspectives from Athletes who have made the swith to LCHF, David Grech describes his experience ‘Running on Fat’ during the 50km Mt. Buller Sky Run and Matt Hold takes us through his transition to eating LCHF in ‘Taking on the Gold Coast Marathon with LCHF’

David Grech also explores which elite athletes are currently using LCHF in ‘Fats vs Carbs – What do the Elites know that we don’t?’

From a medical stand point, Dr. Peter Brukner is a world renowned sports medicine clinician and team doctor for the Australian cricket team. He has published internationally with a number of books, book chapters and over 90 original research articles.

Dr. Brukner has applied Low Carb, High Fat dietary advice in his work with athletes and he describes his success in this video.