Low Carb Down Under Auckland – 21/2/14

Low Carb Down Under Auckland – 21/2/14



“The Why and How of Low Carb Eating.”

Location: Auckland Museum Auditorium

The Auckland Domain, Parnell

From: 9am to 4pm

Cost $45



Introduction Dr Simon Thornley

Low Carb as a Genuine Public Health Approach   Professor Grant Schofield

The Fat Switch   Professor Richard Johnson

I Quit Sugar   Sarah Wilson

All Diabetics should follow a LCHF (ketogenic) Diet.”  Dr Troy Stapleton

Morning Tea

The Science behind Low Carb High Fat Nutrition   Dr Kieron Rooney

The Flawed Science of Nutrition – Convenience, Politics and Dollars   Dr Gary Fettke

Cholesterol vs Fat vs Sugar   Assoc Professor Ken Sikaris

The Story of Insulin and its Importance as a Biomarker   Catherine Crofts

Carbohydrate Addiction: Why does it Matter?  Dr Simon Thornley


Are the diseases of civilization caused by inflammation and is LCHF the cure?  Dr Zee Arain

High Carb Addiction, Low Whole Food Disaster.”  Dr Anne-Thea McGill

Why I use Low Carb Techniques”   Cliff Harvey

Title to be Decided  Dr Caryn Zinn

So What Should We Eat Then?   Dr Rod Tayler

Afternoon Tea

For ticket purchases please go to  lowcarbnz.com