Low Carb Breckenridge 2017

Low Carb Breckenridge 2017

Following on from the success of ‘Low Carb Vail 2016’

Dr Jeff Gerber (Denver’s Diet Doctor) and Dr Rod Tayler (Low Carb Down Under)

are organising another Low Carb conference in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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When: Friday, 24 February 2017 7am (MST) – Sunday, 26 February 2017 at 5:00 PM (MST)

Where: The Village Hotel, 535 South Park Avenue Breckenridge, CO 80424

Event Ticket Cost: $250

Online Live Stream: $20 to watch full three days (included for attendees)



We plan to structure ‘Low Carb Breckenridge 2017’ along very similar lines toLow Carb Vail 2016. The conference room is much larger than last year and will accommodate many more. Coffee, tea and water will be provided. There are plenty of food options available nearby.

The conference is open to all including the general public, health, nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, scientific community and healthcare professionals. For healthcare professionals, this live activity, Low Carb Breckenridge 2017, with a beginning date of 02/24/2017, has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 19.25 Prescribed credit(s) by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award. When applying for the AMA PRA, Prescribed credit earned must be reported as Prescribed, not as Category 1.

Generally, Breckenridge will be less expensive than Vail and it is closer to Denver. We have a group discount rate of $339 per night (three night minimum) for a standard hotel room at the Village Hotel conference location and discount rates on multi-room condos as well. There is a wide range of accommodation available around the area, including the nearby and less expensive Beaver Run Resort and budget friendly options in Frisco (see below), approx. 20 minutes away by car or bus. We have also been able to arrange discount ski lift tickets.

Breckenridge is a Colorado town at the base of the Rocky Mountains’ Tenmile Range. It’s known for its ski resort, year-round alpine activities and Gold Rush history. The Victorian core of this former mining town is preserved as the Breckenridge National Historic District, running primarily along Main Street, with colourfully painted buildings from the 1880s and 1890s housing shops, galleries and restaurants.

Confirmed Presenters:

  • Nina Teicholz – “The Real Food Politics: Institutional Defense of the Status-Quo”
  • Dr Jason Fung – “A New Paradigm of Insulin Resistance”
  • Dr Ron Rosedale – “Protein Intake, Cancer and Aging”
  • Dr Mark Berger – “Low Carb Radiology: Enhancing Your Image”
  • Dr Dawn Lemanne – “Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer Therapy”
  • Dr Amy Savagian – “Ketogenic Nutrition in Functional Medicine”
  • Erynn Kay, PA-C – “Does Fiber Make You Fat? – The Gut’s Effect on Weight and Metabolism”
  • Ivor Cummins – “The Pathways of Insulin Resistance, and Relevance to Chronic Disease”
  • Dr Zoe Harcombe – “Should dietary fat guidelines have been introduced ?”
  • Dr Zoe Harcombe – “HPCSA vs. Professor Noakes: A bird’s eye view”
  • Dr Ted Naiman – “Hyperinsulinemia”
  • Jimmy Moore – “The Patient’s Perspective on Fasting”
  • Dr David Unwin – “The Glycaemic Index: Helping patients with Type 2 Diabetes”
  • Dr Mike Eades – “Does Fat Really Burn in the Flame of Carbohydrate?”
  • Dr Andreas Eenfeldt – “The Food Revolution”
  • Michel Lundell – “To Assess Ketosis by Blood or Breath Testing?”
  • Maria Emmerich – “Ketogenic Cooking”
  • Sam Feltham – “Creating Change In Public Health”
  • Dr Mark Cucuzella – “Can you Run 50 miles in Sandals and on Bacon and Eggs – Metabolic Flexibility for Athletic Performance”
  • Antonio Martinez – “The Legal, Political, and Public Health Policy Challenges and Opportunities of Low Carb”
  • Dr Peter Ballerstedt – “Ruminant Reality: Diet, Human Health and the Environment”
  • Dr Eric Westman – “Clinical Experience Using LCHF: Case Examples and Tailoring”
  • Dr Nicolai Worm – “Nutrition Therapy of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease – The Most Convincing Argument for Low-Carb Eating”
  • Jamie Caporosso – “Keto Paleo advantages for Athlete’s and Chasing Ketones”
  • Charlotte Summers – “The Low Carb Program: 150,000 anecdotes”
  • Darryl Edwards – “The Case for Physical Activity”
  • Dr Benjamin Bikman – “Insulin vs. Ketones: the battle for brown fat”
  • Dr Tommy Wood – “The way to man’s heart is through the stomach”
  • David Feldmen – “The Dynamic Influence of a High Fat Diet on cholesterol variability”
  • Laura Saslow – “A Four Month Online Very Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Study”
  • Dr Gary Fettke – “Model of Inflammation”
  • Dr John Schoonbee – “Who are the financial beneficiaries of LCHF”
  • David Korsunsky – “Personalised Health Analytics”
  • Dr Maryanne Demasi – Emcee
  • Dr Jeff Gerber – “Cholesterol OMG!”
  • Dr Rod Tayler – “Fine Tuning LCHF for Optimal Health”

The updated Interactive Conference Schedule for ‘Low Carb Breckenridge 2017’ can be linked to your mobile device here.

For further information;

For any further enquiries please email: [email protected]

We hope you can make it!

Jeff and Rod



Conference Vendors:

Ketologie is a family owned business that provides low carb, high fat food choices.



Caveman Chefs provides gourmet Paleo meal plan delivery service & catering. Naturally gluten free.



KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix that is based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimised cellular regeneration, energy and longevity. Pruvit, Keto//OS is the leader in pure therapeutic exogenous ketone technology.


Heads Up Health has created a health records solution for the low-carb community. Centralise all of your medical records, connect your favourite digital health devices and apps and manage everything from cholesterol readings to ketone values in one secure location. You can also share your profile with your low-carb doctor of choice.


Created by Dr. Eric Westman, the HEALcare low-carb clinically tested program promotes healthy weight loss and diabetes management without insulin or medication. HEALcare includes one-on-one personalised support, commitment coaching and medical supervision when needed. Visit our exhibit to learn how you can join our mission by becoming a HEALcare clinical practitioner or coach, offering HEALcare to your patients, or investing in our company.

Created by Chef Ryan Turner, Sola is a perfect blend of sweeteners inspired by nature that can be used just like sugar but with 75% fewer calories and zero grams net carbs – no reformulations needed. Taste the difference you can’t taste.


LEVL is an FDA Class I medical device that measures breath acetone in parts per Million (PPM). This countertop device is designed for two users. With the press of a button and a quick breath, LEVL will calculate your fat burning state. The front of the LEVL device will display your LEVL score while seamlessly syncing additional insights to the optional LEVL iOS app via Bluetooth. The app displays breath acetone concentrations (in PPM) and projected fat k/cals and fat pounds burned per day.

Meta Yoga Studios, located in downtown historic Breckenridge at 118 South Ridge Street offers a variety of styles & teachers for every “BODY”. The first dedicated yoga studio in downtown Breckenridge, CO for locals and visitors alike offers spectacular views from your yoga mat in addition to our world-class teachers and brand name boutique. Classes 7 days/wk, hot or not, beginner or advanced, gentle or flow, come get grounded at altitude – 9600ft at Meta.

KETONIX is an FDA Class II medical device that indicates breath acetone in parts per Million (PPM). The samples can be analysed together with other data using software for your desktop computer or smartphone. The sampled data can easily be analysed in a study or by your doctor over the Internet.


Keto Living provides clinically designed products featuring high potency strength nutrient levels manufactured by a leading U.S. nutraceutical company to support Health and Vitality of those living a Keto Lifestyle.