Low Carb Down Under Byron Bay – 19/11/14

Low Carb Down Under Byron Bay – 19/11/14


Low Carb Nutrition Byron Bay 2014


Venue: Byron Bay Community Centre

69 Jonson St, Byron Bay

New South Wales


Date: Wednesday 19th November 2014

From 3pm to 9pm


The program for this event includes;

  • “What’s going on in the Low Carb World” – Jimmy Moore from USA, author of “Keto Clarity”

  • “Clean Eating and the Need to Thrive” – Samantha Gowing – Food Health Wealth

  • “The Heart Foundation Petition” – Jessie Reimers – creator of the Heart Foundation Petition and Get a Fresh Start

  • “Fashion, Fad or Fact- Busting through the Myths of Gluten Free Eating” – Jules Galloway – Naturopath

  • “Naked Treaties” – Jemma Gawned – Owner and Creator

  • “We Only Live Once”  – Jackie Lou – Paleo Cafe Paddington

  • “Paleo Every Day Living and Community” Leah Williamson – Brisbane Paleo and Nourishing Conversations

  • “Integrated Strength and Nutrition” – Coach Keegan Smith – Real Movement Project

  • Q&A Sessions – Dr Rod Tayler – Founder of Low Carb Down Under


Tickets $44.00