Low Carb Down Under Byron Bay – 21/11/12

Low Carb Down Under Byron Bay – 21/11/12

Location: Byron Bay Community Centre

Date: Wednesday 21st November 2012



Introduction – Dr Rod Tayler

Sweet Poison and Big Fat Lies – David Gillespie

Coconut Oil for Alzheimers – Cassie Bond and Ian Blair Hamilton

Update on Low Carb Around the World  – Jimmy Moore

Saturated Fat is Good for You!  – Christine Cronau

What is Paleo?  – Crystal Fieldhouse

The Chronicles of a Cardio Addict – Jo Fitton

Low Carb, Health, Weight and Doctors – Dr Rod Tayler

Ask the Experts – Panel

Nutritional Ketosis – Jimmy Moore

9.30 Close

Social!:   Dinner at 6pm at The Balcony,7/3 Lawson Street  Byron Bay,  on Tuesday 20th November. And a morning (7.30am!) beach walk to (or towards) the lighthouse with Jimmy and Christine on Wednesday 21st.  Meet on the grass in front of the surf club approx 100 metres towards the lighthouse from the end of Jonson St. The walk will be followed by breakfast at The Beach Cafe at Clark’s Beach at 9am. Our Thursday social agenda is yet to be finalised.

Tickets: All tickets must be pre-purchased through this website prior to the event.  Obtain your tickets through our secure online payment section of this website.

Accomodation: We are recommending a cluster of potential places to stay at the end of Shirley St with direct beach access and close to the town centre.

http://beachcomberbyron.com.au/ (1 br approx $185 per night)

http://wollongbar.com/ (1 br approx $280 per night)

http://outriggerbay.com/ (2br approx $240 per night)

http://backpackersinnbyronbay.com.au/ ( 1 br from $33 per night)


There are plenty of other possible nearby accomodation options.

The Presenters:

Jimmy Moore is the host of a hugely popular website based in the USlivinlavidalowcarb.com . He was the first choice of the organising committee for anyone in the world to come to Australia to talk about low carb living. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, promoting a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet plan.

In January 2004, Jimmy Moore made a decision to get rid of the weight that was literally killing him. At 32 years of age and 410 pounds, the time had come for a radical change of lifestyle. A year later, he had shed 180 pounds, shrunk his waist by 20 inches, and dropped his shirt size from 5XL to XL. After his dramatic weight loss, Jimmy was inundated with requests from friends, neighbors and complete strangers seeking information and help.

In October 2005, Jimmy released his debut book entitled Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year. Then in November 2009, he released his second book related to low-carb living called 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: How The Healthy Low-Carb Lifestyle Changed Everything I Thought I Knew to continue educating, encouraging, and inspiring others who are overweight, obese, and unhealthy to make a change.

Moore also runs a popular, weekly podcast that has run over 500 episodes featuring interviews with experts in diet, health and fitness. Moore is regarded as a fan of low carbohydrate diets and eating plans and promotes them through his blog, books, YouTube videos and podcasts.

“Food Myth Buster” Christine Cronau is a nutrition author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of two. After transforming her body and her health, Christine is revolutionising the way we eat for longevity, pleasure and happiness. At 41, Christine shows us how to look and feel our best at any age.

Christine has been studying health and nutrition for over 10 years, and uses her knowledge as a natural health advocate; she exposes major food myths that are keeping us fat and sick.

Christine is the author of “The Fat Revolution” and “Great Health is a Piece of Cake“. To read more, visit her website http://christinecronau.com/ or Christine’s Facebook page.

David Gillespie is the best selling author of “Sweet Poison” and “Big Fat Lies”. David is a recovering corporate lawyer, co-founder of a successful software company and consultant to the IT industry.

He is also the father of six young children (including one set of twins). With such a lot of extra time on his hands, and 40 extra kilos on his waistline, he set out to investigate why he, like so many in his generation, was fat.

He deciphered the latest medical findings on diet and weight gain and what he found was chilling. Being fat was the least of his problems. He needed to stop poisoning himself. You can also read more at http://howmuchsugar.com/

Crystal Fieldhouse – Crystal’s main interest is in improving health and longevity through quality nutrition and believes that a big focus on functional strength and mobility will serve any person well – young or old.

Crystal and her husband aim to eat quality, nutrient dense food (fruit and veggies that are seasonal and locally sourced or home-grown in addition to meat or fish that is grass-fed or wild-caught), get lots of quality sleep in a pitch black room, and train for functional strength and mobility.

Crystal runs a blog that is a reflection of her learnings and experiences with eating to a Paleolithic template, improving sleeping habits, training in a Crossfit box, learning to cook and growing her own heirloom veggies.

Crystal was exposed to this lifestyle from and early age, growing up on the South Island of NZ where life is simpler and people are often more connected to where their food comes from. After studying health science at Otago University, Crystal and her husband started the blog to share their experiences with anyone who might be interested in the Paleo Diet, weight-loss, health and longevity, eating to support a Crossfit habit and learning to cook and be more self-sufficient in the garden.

She is keen to share stories, opinions, learnings, recipes and tips on how to incorporate Paleo into your lifestyle, growing veggies at home in the backyard and training in a Crossfit box.

She hopes to give you the inspiration to take responsibility for your own health and well-being and also to put some tools in the tool-box to effect change.

To read more visit http://eatsleepmove.com.au/ or Crystal’s Facebook page.

Dr. Rod Tayler is an Australian anesthesiologist and anti-sugar activist with an interest in low carbohydrate diets to optimize our weights and our health.

Dr. Tayler was one of the 250+ enthusiastic people who participated in the recent May 2012 Low-Carb Cruise to be amongst like-minded people from around the world who are becoming more and more aware of the problems associated with not just with sugar but literally all refined and starchy carbohydrates.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, he is doing his part to spread the word about healthy low-carb living as the principal investigator of The SWEET (Sugar and Weight Effect at Epworth Study).

Dr. Tayler has made headlines in Australia for suggesting that fruit not fat may in fact be part of the reason why we have an obesity epidemic.

Dr Tayler has been running a website for about 3 years called giveupsugar.com and has been doing a research project at a large Melbourne hospital (Epworth) and investigating the effect of sugar reduction on the weights of 158 staff members.

Dr Tayler has given many presentations to groups of doctors and allied health professionals on reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates.

To read more visit http://giveupsugar.com/