Low Carb Canberra 2019

Low Carb Canberra 2019


A conference on Low Carb Nutrition for optimising health.

WHEN: Saturday 21st September 2019 from 9:30am to 3.30pm

WHERE: Gungahlin Lakes Golf & Community Club

Cnr Gungahlin & Gundaroo Drive,

Nicholls ACT

COST: $90.00 (Concession $70.00)

Low Carb Lunch Provided!



9.30am Welcome, house keeping – Richard Morris

“How to start low carb” Jess Turton

“Evidence based keto Part 1” Dr Paul Mason

“Fats and CV disease” Dr Liz Fraser

10.30am Morning tea

11.00 am

“Personal story – Reversing T2DM” Richard Morris

Personal story “ I was ready to lie down and die” Jane Williams

“Modern Starvation: Consequences of Nutrient Deprivation” Jess Turton

“Chronic pain and ketogenic diets” Rowena Field

“What’s behind the backlash?” Richard Morris

Panel Discussion, Q&A

1 to 145 pm Lunch

Type 1 Special – Working Together From 1.45pm

Jess Turton “Low carb for T1DM – what the research shows”

“Diabetes, the Trip” Tara Whelan

“The Whole of Family Approach” Ash and Tracey Kimberly

What else is LCHF good for?

From 2.30pm

“Evidence based keto – Part 2” Dr Paul Mason

“Keto for migraine?” Dr Liz Fraser

“How to grow a zombie: kid’s craniofacial development” Matt Ryan

Panel – More Q&A – Growing the LCHF community

Finish 3.30pm

Open invitation to join us in the club venue for a cuppa


Presenter Information

Dr Paul Mason is a Sydney sports medicine physician with years of experience with the low carb approach to treating patients with metabolic disease and arthritis. He is now a sought after speaker with an international reputation.
Richard Morris is Canberra’s very own star from 2KetoDudes and is now studying biochemistry at ANU.
Jane Williams has reversed pre-diabetes and fatty liver and is ready to tell the world how she got her life back!
Dr Liz Fraser is a Canberra GP with an interest in low-carb nutrition.
Jess Turton is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian in Sydney. Jess has researched low carb approaches for Type 1 diabetes and she understands the struggle with eating disorders.
Tracey Kimberley is the mum of 4 kids, including 14 year old Ashlee who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 11. Together they are finding a low carb path to health and sanity for the whole family.
Tara Whelan is a diabetes educator and pharmacist who happens to use low carb to manage her own T1DM.
Rowena Field is a physiotherapist who is studying nutritional ketosis as an intervention for people with chronic pain.
Matt Ryan is a respiratory physiologist working at Symmetry Dental in Canberra.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Email us at:
[email protected]
What’s the refund policy?
Full refunds are available until 1 day before the event.