Low Carb Canberra 2020 – Online Event


Two days of presentations on the latest science of low carbohydrate nutrition.

WHEN: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September 2020
COST: $40.00


Low Carb Canberra is a group of low carb and keto people based in the Canberra region of Australia, and welcoming of members in Australia and around the world.

Featuring local and Australian speakers, we plan to stream this year’s conference online, to inform and support your low carb practice wherever you are.

In particular, we welcome those people with Type 1 Diabetes and their families who use the LCHF approach.

Day One Program – 19/9/20

09:30 AM – Welcome note: Questions, Controversies, Community: Creating Change – Dr. Liz Fraser

09:40 AM – ‘Why is the fat man hungry? Introduction to low carb’ – Richard Morris

10:15 AM – ‘Running on fat’ – Dr. Peter Brukner

11:00 AM – Break

11:20 AM – ‘Low Carb in practice – practitioners’ experience’ – Dr. Mel Deery, Jessica Turton & Thomas Paavola

12:15 PM – ‘Low Carb in practice: Women’s health and fertility’ – Tara Whelan

12:45 PM – Lunch

01:30 PM – ‘Controversies: Fibre and LCHF’ – Dr. Liz Fraser, Tara Whelan, Melissa Luxmoore

02:30 PM – ‘Controversies within the Low Carb Community’ – Richard Morris

03:00 PM – Break

03:15 PM – ‘Creating and sustaining change’ – Tracey Kimberley, Michelle Austin

04:00 PM – Question and Answer panel


Day Two Program – 20/9/20

8:30 AM – ‘Doing Type 1 Diabetes with Low Carb’ – Tara Whelan, Tracey Kimberley, Vashti Biffanti

10:00 AM – Break

10:15 AM – ‘Real Food and Health – the bigger picture’ – Charlie Blumer

11:30 AM – Break

11:45 AM – ‘What else do we need?’ – Jessica Turton

12:45 PM – Panel Discussion: family friendly low carb

01:15 PM – Lunch

02:00 PM – ‘Neuro-mito-keto: low carb approaches to neurological problems’ – Dr. Liz Fraser, Melissa Luxmoore, Brodie Cambourne

02:30 PM – Break

03:40 PM – Panel Discussion. Building a Real Food Community

5:00 pm – Close


Featured Presenter Information


Richard Morris has been a passionate advocate for low carb diets ever since he reversed his own Type 2 diabetes, co-founding the ‘2 Keto Dudes’ podcast. Richard has now returned to university, studying biochemistry to further advance the science on low carbohydrate diets.



Dr Peter Brukner is a world-renowned sports medicine doctor who believes that dietary guidelines are responsible for the current epidemic of diabetes and obesity. He has authored a popular book on nutrition (A Fat Lot of Good), and is the founder of the SugarByHalf campaign, seeking to improve public health through a reduction in dietary sugar intake.



Jessica Turton is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with postgraduate qualifications in Nutrition & Dietetics and full membership with the Dietitians Association of Australia. Jessica is currently undertaking her Research Doctorate (Ph.D) at the University of Sydney under the supervision of A/Prof Kieron Rooney and Prof Grant Brinkworth (CSIRO).



Tara Whelan is a pharmacist, Diabetes Educator, and mum who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a young woman. She blogs at http://doingdiabetes.com/about/



Further information about the presenters at ‘Low Carb Canberra 2020’ is available here