Low Carb Gold Coast 2017

A weekend of presentations on low carbohydrate

 nutrition for optimising weight, health and performance.

WHEN: Friday 6th October at 6:00pm to Sunday 8th October at 4:00pm

WHERE: Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort

71 Sea World Drive, Main Beach,

Gold Coast QLD 4217



  • Nina Teicholz – “The Real Food Politics: Institutional Defence of the Status-Quo”
  • Nina Teicholz – “Vegetable Oils”
  • Dr Dawn Lemanne – “Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer Therapy”
  • Dr Caryn Zinn –  “On Fat and Fasting”
  • David Feldman – Topic to be Confirmed
  • Dr Gary Fettke – “Is Fruit Good or Bad for You?”
  • A/Prof Ken Sikaris – “Making Sense of LDL”
  • Dr Maryanne Demasi – MC
  • Dr Peter Brukner – “LCHF and Sporting Performance”
  • Dr Devinder Chauhan – “Reducing the Risk of Eye Disease”
  • Belinda Fettke – Topic to be Confirmed
  • Leah Williamson – “Real Food”
  • Dr Rob Szabo – “The Low Carb Clinic – The First Year”
  • Richard Morris – “The Ketogenic Diet”
  • Dr Troy Stapleton – “Update on Low Carb for Diabetes”
  • Dr Jackie Montefiore – Topic to be Confirmed
  • Marty Kendall – “Getting Your Micronutrients”
  • Dr Rod Tayler – “The LCHF Message is Getting Out There”


If you would like to stay at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort for ‘Low Carb Gold Coast 2017’ we have arranged a Group Rate which is available until September 6th 2017.

To book accommodation and for further information about the Group Rate for rooms see here.

Note: demand for accommodation has been strong and our allocation of hotels rooms is close to being used up. Some slightly more expensive rooms have been released to us. We recommend booking accommodation early as weekends at this time of the year on the Gold Coast are busy. Alternative places to stay include the nearby Palazzo Versace, Sea World and the Marriott hotels.


Nina Teicholz is a NY journalist and the author of The Big Fat Surprise

Dr Dawn Lemanne is an Oregon based Oncologist and cancer researcher

Dr Caryn Zinn is a PhD dietician and researcher at Auckland University of Technology

David Feldman is a senior software engineer and bio-hacker who runs Cholesterol Code

Dr Gary Fettke is a Launceston based Orthopaedic Surgeon

A/Prof Ken Sikaris is a Chemical Pathologist at Melbourne Pathology

Dr Maryanne Demasi is an Investigative Journalist and a former Presenter/Producer for ABC Catalyst

Dr Peter Brukner is a Sports Medicine Physician, Doctor for the Aussie Cricket team and founder of SugarByHalf

Dr Devinder Chauhan is a Melbourne based Ophthalmic Surgeon

Leah Williamson is a Nutritionist and Founder of Brisbane Paleo

Dr Rob Szabo is a Melbourne based GP and Founder of The Low Carb Clinic

Belinda Fettke is a Co-founder of Nutrition for Life

Richard Morris is the Cofounder of the 2KetoDudes.com

Dr Troy Stapleton is a Radiologist based on the Sunshine Coast who manages his Type 1 Diabetes with Low Carb

Dr Jackie Montefiore is a Brisbane based as a GP Registrar currently studying for her RACGP Fellowship

Marty Kendall is an engineer with a passionate interest in nutrition who runs Optimising Nutrition

Dr Rod Tayler is an anaesthetist from Melbourne and Founder of Low Carb Down Under


We recommend registering early as it is possible this conference will be fully subscribed.
For any further information please contact us via lowcarbdownunder@gmail.com