Low Carb Down Under Launceston – 17/11/14

Low Carb Down Under Launceston – 17/11/14



Nutrition for life! An Evening of Low Carb Living

Launceston’s most proactive healthy living night of 2014


Date: Monday, November 17th 2014

Venue: Tailrace Centre, Waterfront Drive
Riverside, Tasmania


The presenters for this event are;

Dr Gary Fettke has a longstanding interest in the preventative aspects of health. He lectures internationally on the science behind our health issues and the benefits of eating real food. He will be presenting on the overall health issues related to our processed food diet. Dr Fettke is the medical expert for Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ programme. His website NoFructose.com is recognised as an easy to understand source of information on the health issues caused by our ‘modern’ diet.

Jimmy Moore is out from the USA as part of the Low Carb Down Under lecture series. He hosts the biggest website in the world dedicated to the spreading of information about living a Low Carbohydrate and Higher natural Fat (LCHF) lifestyleJimmy has co-authored 2 books. The best-selling ‘Cholesterol Clarity’ and the recently released ‘Keto Clarity’ are leading books in the field of LCHF nutrition.

Dr Troy Stapleton is a Queensland  medical specialist who is Australia’s most outspoken doctor on the benefits of Low Carbohydrate management of Diabetes. Troy is a Type 1 Diabetic who has researched the management of his condition and is living proof of the astounding results that can be achieved with a LCHF lifestyle. If you are Diabetic or know someone who is then his presentation is not to be missed.

This will be the first speaking trip to Tasmania for Jimmy Moore and Dr Troy Stapleton.

Katy Dyson is one of our ‘Nutrition for life’ team. Katy has many talents including a Science Degree and Bachelor of Naturopathy. She will be taking us through the benefits of a LCHF lifestyle change particularly in relation to looking at the whole Irritable Bowel issue.

Please join us from 5pm to visit the trade stalls. Formal proceedings begin at 6pm. This evening of presentations is a chance to make a real difference in the community.