Low Carb Sydney 2023

Low Carb Sydney 2023

A weekend of presentations and discussions

on low carbohydrate nutrition

 for optimising weight and health.

WHEN: Friday 13th October at 2:00pm to

Sunday 15th October at 4:30pm


WHERE: Park Royal Parramatta

30 Phillip St,

Parramatta NSW 2150


EARLY BIRD TICKET: $360.00 (available until 1st August)





‘Low Carb Sydney 2023’ will take place at the Park Royal Hotel in Parramatta from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of October. The event will start at 2:00pm on Friday followed by welcome drinks at 6:00pm.
The formal program will commence at 8:00am on Saturday and will continue through to 4:30pm on Sunday. Morning tea and a delicious low carb lunch will be provided on Saturday as well as tea and coffee throughout the conference.


Friday October 13th 2:00pm

Chair: Dr Peter Brukner

  • Dr Jessica Turton “Why You Should Eat MORE Food to Lose Weight”
  • Dr Alex Petrushevski “Nutrition for Bone Health”
  • Dr Mike Eades “Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate”


  • Dr Deepa Mahananda “Preconception and Prenatal Health”
  • Nicole Moore “Managing Sarcopenia and Prioritising Protein”
  • Panel Discussion

Saturday October 14th 8:00am

Chair: Dr Liz Fraser

  • Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan “Busting Low Carb Myths”
  • Dr Peter Ballerstedt “Ruminating on Protein in Plants and Animals”
  • Dr Mike Eades “Paleopathology Revisited”
  • Panel Discussion

Morning Tea

  • Dr Chris Knobbe “Are Vegetable Oils the Primary Driver of Obesity, Diabetes and Chronic Disease?”
  • Dr Matthew Phillips “Neurodegenerative Disorders as Metabolic Icebergs”
  • Panel Discussion

Lunch (provided)

Chair: Dr Ron Schweitzer

  • Doug Reynolds “Low Carb USA and The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners”
  • Dr Mary Dan Eades “A History of Low Carb Nutrition”
  • Dr Paul Mason “The Food Pyramid – How Did We Get Here?”

Afternoon Tea

  • Dr Jessica Turton “Low Carbohydrate Diets for Type 1 Diabetes: Australian Trial Results”
  • Dr Zoltan Sarnyai “Keto Research in Major Psychiatric Illness”
  • Panel Discussion

Sunday October 15th 8.30am

Chair: Dr Susan Swanston

  • Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith “Managing Lipid Results”
  • Dr Penny Figtree “Interpreting CGM Results: When to Worry!”
  • Dr Karen Dwyer “SGLT2 Inhibitors – Optimising Their Use”
  • Dr Alok Gupta “Low Carb for Renal Patients”

Morning Tea

  • Dr Pran Yoganathan “Paddock to Plate – Making Connections”
  • Dr Peter Brukner “Can Type 2 Diabetes be Put into Remission?”
  • Panel Discussion

Lunch (not provided)

Chair: Dr Rod Tayler

  • Dr Paul Mason “Logical Fallacies of the Vegan Diet”
  • Dr Mike Eades “Ask Mike Anything”


  • “Five Minutes of Fame”

Meeting closes 4:30pm

Second Room – Saturday 14th October

  • Dr Mary Dan Eades “Caddo Bend – Meet the Author” – 11:00am
  • Nicole Moore and Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith “Ask the Dietitian and the Doctor Anything” – 2:00pm
  • Linda Funnell-Milner “Health Coaching – Improving Patient Outcomes and Lowering Practitioner Fatigue” – 4:00pm
  • Diabetes Interactive Session with Dr Rod Tayler (Chair) 6:00pm

Second Room – Sunday 15th October

  • Ruminant Agriculture Discussion with Dr Peter Ballerstedt – 8:30am
  • Your Stories – 11:00am

Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades – Physicians and the authors of 14 books in the fields of health, nutrition, and exercise over the last several decades – among them the New York Times bestseller ‘Protein Power’.

Dr. Peter Ballerstedt – A PhD in forage agronomy with a further degree in animal nutrition and on a mission to to promote a rational and science based approach to ruminant agriculture and human health.

Dr. Matthew Phillips  A neurologist at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand with a passion to explore the potential feasibility, safety, and efficacy of “metabolic” therapies, such as fasting and ketogenic diets, for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and a variety of additional neurological disorders. In 2017-2018, his team conducted a world-first randomised controlled study of a ketogenic diet in Parkinson’s.

Dr. Chris Knobbe A physician, researcher, ophthalmologist, public health advocate, and Associate Clinical Professor Emeritus, formerly of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Knobbe is known primarily for his research, publications and presentations connecting Westernised diets and highly polyunsaturated vegetable oils to numerous chronic diseases.
Doug Reynolds Founder and CEO of LowCarbUSA and President at the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.
Dr. Paul MasonAn Australian trained medical doctor with a fellowship in sports medicine and degrees in physiotherapy and occupational health. He has an in-depth knowledge of nutritional science and regularly presents his knowledge in lectures challenging conventional wisdom and uses it in clinical practice where he treats the general public and elite athletes.

Dr. Karen Dwyer – A nephrologist and transplant physician with an interest in metabolic health, Dr. Dwyer is currently Clinical Director at Kidney Health Australia and Professor of Medicine at Deakin University.
Dr. Lucy Burns – An experienced GP whose passion is lifestyle medicine and helping women make the changes they need to lose weight and restore their metabolic health. She has extensive training in mental health with qualifications in CBT, Medical Hypnosis and Behaviour Change.
Dr. Mary Barson – Completed an honours degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Melbourne University where she developed a deep appreciation for the nutritional and environmental factors needed to support health and wellbeing. Later, during medical school Mary found her passion in General Practice and in whole-person, holistic care.

Dr. Peter Brukner – A world-renowned sports medicine doctor who believes that dietary guidelines are responsible for the current epidemic of diabetes and obesity. He has authored a popular book on nutrition (A Fat Lot of Good), and is the founder of both the SugarByHalf campaign and Defeat Diabetes.

Dr. Pran Yoganathan – A Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist based in Sydney. He aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing using the philosophy of “let food be thy medicine”.
Dr. Sanjeev Balakrishnan – Obtained a Master of Medicine in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore. Sanjeev is very passionate about management of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome through low carbohydrate-high healthy fat diets.

Dr. Penny Figtree – Graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with first class honours. After 20 years in general practice she has decided to focus on weight loss and diabetes after seeing the power of a low carbohydrate diet to help people lose weight and reverse diabetes.
Dr. Alex Petrushevski – Graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2008, attaining Honours in the MBBS. Having seen the immense benefits low carbohydrate nutrition has provided for many of his patients in general practice he is keen to share this exciting cutting edge medical therapy with more patients.

Dr. Deepa Mahananda – Graduated from Western Sydney University in 2012 and works full time at Sydney Low Carb Specialists. Deepa is currently leading an educational network for low carb practising GPs in Sydney and is a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist.

Dr. Alok Gupta – A nephrologist with over 12 years of experience in treating a wide range of both acute and chronic renal conditions.

Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith – Discovering the low carb lifestyle has completely changed Dr. Lawlor-Smith’s life. Her experience led to Laureen leaving general practice and co-founding the Low Carb Keto Health Clinic where she helps patients lose weight and gain health.

Dr. Jessica Turton – A Dietitian and Nutritionist, Jessica holds a PhD in nutrition awarded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney. Her thesis investigated the use and efficacy of low-carbohydrate diets for diabetes management, with a specific focus on type 1 diabetes
Dr. Zoltan Sarnyai – A medically-trained PhD neuroscientist with an active research program in the neurobiological mechanisms of stress and psychiatric disorders, including drug addiction, schizophrenia and depression. His research team has received backing from a large US philanthropic fund to examine the mental health benefits of ketogenic therapy.

Nicole Moore – An accredited dietitian and nutritionist for the past 20 years as well as a Low Carb Specialist helping people to reverse chronic disease and improve their general health and well being through nutritional therapy.

Dr. Susan Swanston – A highly skilled GP currently working in Cairns and has done for several years. She has a vast experience in many fields of medicine and is a fully trained and qualified vascular surgeon.

Dr. Liz Fraser – A GP with a particular focus on nutritional medicine and helping patients with complex health problems. Dr. Fraser is the cofounder of Low Carb Canberra and is passionate about educating other doctors on the benefits of recommending low carb to their patients.

Dr. Ron Schweitzer – A GP and a former senior lecturer/tutor at the Monash University for undergraduate medical students in the Department of General Practice. Dr Schweitzer practices all aspects of general practice, but his major area of interest is in the low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) eating approach.




We are planning to Livestream this event which will help get the presentations out to a wider audience. Livestream also offers additional benefit for in person attendees who can re-watch the presentations at any time following the meeting at no additional cost. The talks will also be edited and released on the LCDU YouTube channel in the months following the event.
This year we will again have a smaller second room, which we will use for some shorter talks, panels and interviews.

There are several ways to get to Parramatta from Sydney by train, bus, taxi, car or via the Parramatta RiverCat which is great way to travel. Discount accommodation is available at the Park Royal venue. Call the hotel on (02) 9689 3333 and quote the code ‘2310LOWCAR’ to get 10% off the best available rate.

If you’re planning to attend ‘Low Carb Gold Coast 2023’ we suggest booking early as this event may sell out, as it did last year. We currently have an ‘Early Bird’ ticket rate which offers a significant discount on ticket prices available until August 1st.
Please email us at [email protected] for all enquiries.
Rod Tayler and the LCDU Team
The Low Carb Down Under team always endeavour to arrange high quality events, speakers and presentations for you to enjoy.
Details of the venue and speakers are currently confirmed however circumstances beyond our control may necessitate substitutions of speakers or changes to arrangements.