The Low Carb Road Show

The Low Carb Road Show

A new Australia-wide conference series for anyone who wants to understand the powerful health benefits of low-carb nutrition for their health and their family’s health.

7 one-day events will be held in cities across Australia, featuring quality speakers including some of your old favourites and some fresh new faces.

7 Low Carb Events Across Australia

Who is this for?

Australians are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This conference is for anyone who wants to improve their health and their family’s health.


Topics presented include

  • The real cause of obesity and guess what… it’s not your fault
  • Flaming Hell? What is inflammation and how to improve it
  • The difference between low carb and keto
  • Cholesterol on a low carb/keto lifestyle
  • Is Fatty Liver disease a big deal?
  • How to reverse type 2 diabetes?
  • The Carnivore lifestyle tips and traps
  • Low Carb Eating for your family
  • Low Carb Eating on a budget
  • How to stick to a low carb lifestyle
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Can a low carb or ketogenic diet improve mental health?
  • Can you be healthy and not thin?
  • Gut Health and the microbiome

*not every topic or every speaker will be presented at each conference



Sunday April 23

Aloft Perth

The Springs, 27 Rowe Ave, Rivervale WA 6103

Tickets Now on Sale

Saturday April 29

Next Gen Memorial Drive

War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide SA 5006

Tickets Now on Sale

Sunday May 7

Parkroyal Monash

872 Blackburn Rd, Clayton VIC 3168

Tickets Now on Sale

Saturday May 13

Parkroyal Parramatta

30 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Tickets Now on Sale

Saturday May 20

BTP Conference Centre

1 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Tickets Now on Sale

Sunday May 28

Hobart Function & Conference Centre

1 Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart TAS 7000

Tickets Now on Sale

Sunday June 18

Hilton Cairns

34 Esplanade, Cairns QLD 4870

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The Speakers


Dr Mary Barson

Low Carb Doctor. Self-Compassion Expert. Co-founder of Real Life Medicine

Dr Lucy Burns

Life Style Medicine Physician. Sugar Addiction Expert. Co-founder of Real Life Medicine

Dr James Muecke AM

Eye Surgeon. Australian of The year 2020. Anti Sugar Crusader

Dr Anthony Chaffee

Neurosurgical registrar. Carnivore advocate and expert

Dr Jackie Montefiore

Low Carb General Practitioner and the Practice Owner of Sante Medical.

Dr Penny Figtree

Low Carb Doctor. Expert In Medical management. Founder of Low Carb Port Macquarie.

Dr Nelum Dharmapriya

Low Carb Doctor. Founder of wholefood revolution

Dr Ana Musarevski

Psychiatrist. Ana has a special interest in the relationship between mental and metabolic health, and the role of nutrition in psychiatry

Dr Alex Petrushevski

Low Carb Doctor. Co-founder of Sydney Low Carb Specialists

Dr Laureen


Low Carb Doctor. Co-founder of Low Carb Keto Health clinic

Dr Ron Schweitzer

Low Carb Doctor. Expert in Type 2 diabetes management. Lecturer at Monash University

Dr Avi Charlton

Low Carb Doctor. Runner Founder of Low Carb Melbourne clinic

Dr Deepa Mahananda

Low Carb Doctor. Co-founder of Sydney Low Carb Specialists

Dr Peter Brukner OAM

Renowned Sports Medicine Physician. Prolific health advocate. Founder of Defeat Diabetes

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar

Lifestyle Medicine Doctor. Carnivore advocate and expert.

Dr Jenny Nicopolous

Dermatologist. Expert insulin resistance related skin disorders.

Dr Carolyn Harris

Low Carb Doctor. Interest in Mind Body connection and the role insulin resistance has in mental health

Dr Anju Joham

Endocrinologist and Senior Research Fellow at Monash at the Monash Centre. PhD focusing on PCOS, obesity and insulin resistance.

Dr Max Gulhane

MD with an interest in metabolic & circadian optimisation and regenerative farming.

Dr Gary Fettke

Orthopaedic Surgeon, advocating real food. Author – Inversion – One Man’s Answer for World Peace and Global Health

Dr Liz Chappel

Low Carb Doctor. Special interest in nutrition and the management of obesity.

Dr Susan Swanston

Low Carb Doctor. Special interest in nutrition and the management of obesity.

Dr Lizzie Elliott

Low Carb Doctor. Invested in real food nutrition and assisting people in improving their health through lifestyle changes.

Dr Louise Phillips

Low Carb Doctor. Special interest in detecting and reversing metabolic disease.

Dr Karen Dwyer

Nephrologist and transplant physician with an interest in metabolic health.

Dr Liz Fraser

Dr Liz Fraser is a low carb GP practising in Canberra.

Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan

Low carb GP practising in Perth. Passionate about the management of obesity & type 2 diabetes.

Allied Health

Nicole Moore

Low Carb Dietitian with defeat diabetes and co-founder of Low Carb Keto Health clinic

Jessica Turton

Accredited Practicing Low Carb Dietitian, PhD student and founder of Ellipse Health

Kirsty Woods

Registered exercise physiologist. Founding practitioner of Metabolic Health Solutions.

Beck Newton

Accredited practicing low carb dietician and diabetes educator and founder of Eat Live Well.

Health Coaches

Tracey McBeath

The Health and Healing Coach. Author. Mindset expert

Lynda Rose

Health Coach. Aging well expert. Founder Inner Evolution

Claire McDonnell-Liu

Nutritionist and Health Coach Founder of

Emma Martin

Emma is a Qualified Coach and Nutritionist, educator and trainer.

Belinda Fettke

Challenging ‘Plant-biased’ dietary guidelines shaped by vested interests & ideology.

Leah Williamson

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) Nutrition Network Advisor.

Carla Veith-Carter

Passionate nutritionist, keto coach and founder of Keto By Design