Are there any health risks in eating LCHF?

Low Carb, High Fat refers to a diet high in good quality healthy fats from a range of sources and no more than 50g of net carbohydrates per day. If you are considering changing your diet to LCHF you should discuss the decision with your doctor. A Low Carb, High Fat diet does not adhere to current government dietary guidelines. We believe that the current guidelines are based on bad science and should be reviewed.

An LCHF approach to nutrition allows you to eat a delicious and varied diet that will leave you feeling satisfied. It also allows you to eat when you are hungry and still lose weight while improving your health and controlling your blood sugar. This is achieved by eating real, whole foods that are not processed – the type of foods our bodies were designed to eat.

Adopting a Low Carb, High Fat diet should really be considered a permanent lifestyle change and you should not adopt a Low Carb, High Fat diet if you have not received consent from your doctor. A Low Carb, High Fat diet may not be suitable for you if you are particularly lean, do regular high intensity exercise and have no weight issues.