What is a Low Carb High Fat Diet?

A Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates eaten, to optimise health and nutrition.  LCHF diets usually also increase the amount of healthy fats eaten.

Low Carb High Fat is defined as taking in less than 30% of your daily calories from carbohydrates.  Whereas the average Australian is about 50% of calories from carbs.  Those looking to lose weight or improve health concerns may restrict to further.

In practice a Low Carb High Fat means removing sugar, bread, pasta, rice, sauces, takeaways and highly processed foods from your diet.  Eating real whole foods – the type of foods our bodies were designed to eat is how we achieve this.

We share the latest science and the practicalities of Low Carb High Fat diets at the Low Carb Down Under conferences.


This typically means eating plenty of natural foods such as salads, non-starchy vegetables, meat, eggs, healthy fats, seeds and nuts.

The Low Carb high Fat approach to nutrition allows you to eat a delicious and varied diet that leaves you feeling satisfied.  It allows you to eat when you are hungry and still lose weight while improving your health and controlling your blood sugar.

How do carbohydrates impact your health?  Richard J Wood delivers a lesson on the how our foods impact our health. Too many carbohydrates too often for instance can lead to insulin resistance.  Insulin Resistance is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.  This lesson explains what carbs are and what do they do to our bodies.