Cadbury Fundraiser – “Profits Made Easier” … But at whose expense?

I was recently faced with a dilemma when my young daughter brought home a little ‘Fun Pack’, to help raise much needed funds for our local Kindergarten.

I posted the below image on social media, asking the audience for their thoughts.

See here:

“I’d love to hear others thoughts on the Cadbury’s Fundraising box!”

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Shae Garden

I do empathise with the passionate fundraisers. The sneaky marketing of Cadbury’s in this example, feels to me, like a trap and also a conflict of interest in raising health conscious kids.

We did have the option to leave ours behind. The teachers are so lovely and explained that we might choose not to take it home to the kids. As parents, we want our girls to be involved just like the other kids. It’s not their fault. The change should come much higher up the chain. Not at the door, straight from the child’s hand.
At the very least, perhaps a secondary alternative; I know my daughter would happily accept and proudly promote something that supports our family values.

We would love to build a full list of alternative recommendations. The most popular being ‘Living Fundraisers’ and we support and encourage them by linking their website below. I have been in contact with Mel from this Melbourne based company and was kindly offered a sample pack. If you’re looking to do some fundraising, I would highly recommend getting in contact by clicking the image below!

Thank you kindly for your interest.

Warm regards, Shae.

Living Fundraisers offers healthy alternatives to chocolate fundraising drives.

Australian owned (Melbourne based) and operated, ‘Living Fundraisers’ believe fundraising can be easy, fun, healthy, profitable, and good for the community.

Living Fundraisers