Diversa’s Diabetes Free Future

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By Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist at Leafie.org

A future without diabetes is possible for Australians.  This is the clear message from the medical experts at Diversa Health. 

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Diversa Health is a newly launched online medical service providing personalised medical support and health coaching Australia-wide to those with or at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Drawing on years of experience operating The Low Carb Clinic, in Melbourne, Diversa Health launched their remote care service to better serve the millions of Australian’s affected by diabetes.

The highly experienced medical and dietetic team now provide consultations via video calls to understand clients’ goals and to develop personalised low-carb treatment plans, based on food preferences, lifestyle and medical needs.

Australia’s Outdated Diabetes Care

Evidence has long supported a restricted carbohydrate approach to managing and reversing type 2 diabetes.  In practice however Australia has been slow to provide much needed services to support patients to safely make lifestyle changes. The vast majority of medical services still manage diabetes via life-long medications and outdated lifestyle advice.

The cost of poorly managed diabetes accounts for a significant portion of Australia’s health budget, but the biggest cost is to patients health and quality of life. Poorly controlled diabetes may lead to a host of severely detrimental complications, such as increased risk of stroke, coronary and kidney disease. 

For this reason the millions of Australians living with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, can feel that their diagnosis is a life sentence. 

Diversa Health Founder Dr Rob Szabo

Dr Robert Szabo on Low Carb in practice

Despite living a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and the ‘right’ foods, Dr Rob Szabo, Diversa Founder, was devastated when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost a decade ago. 

Dr Szabo was advised by his dietician and medical team that his only option was to manage his condition through his usual diet and daily medications.  Instead Dr Szabo was elated to find he could not only control his diabetes, but completely reverse it through nutrition changes – all without medications. 

Dr. Robert Szabo is a Melbourne based General Practitioner and expert in carbohydrate restriction and therapeutic fasting for weight loss, diabetes, metabolic and additional health benefits.

Recognising a dire need to provide personalised low carb health services wider Dr. Szabo founded Diversa Health. His aim is to support others to prevent, treat and reverse their type 2 diabetes, and to form a supportive community, so that no-one in Australia feels the way he did – that they are doing this alone, with no chance of recovery. 

The Diversa Health team is changing the way that diabetes is treated. More than half of their patients have fully reversed their diabetes and three quarters of patients have been able to eliminate or reduce diabetes medications. 

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Diversa’s Personalised Support

Diversa Health is the only remote-care medical provider delivering personalised and continuous care for every patient Australia-wide. Diversa deliver low carb expertise and day-to-day patient support in safely adapting and sustaining a low carb lifestyle.

Diversa’s tailored medical support and health coaching include medication, pathology and biomarker reviews. Video consults are supplemented by ongoing support for patients who can contact the Diversa team as often as needed via the member-only myDiversa portal, phone, email, or social messenger channels.

Additional services including small-group webinars, home environment support with kitchen pantry assessments and educational sessions to empower families to best support their loved ones.

Contact Diversa Health

With their wealth of expertise and highly personalised approach people with type 2 diabetes across the country have the opportunity for a new lease of life. Contact Diversa Health for more information on services and subscriptions.

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