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By Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist at

Here at Low Carb Down Under the question that we’re most often asked is “how do I find a doctor that understands Low Carb?” 

Fortunately doctors and allied health professionals experienced in low carb nutritional therapies practice in every state of Australia, in New Zealand and across Australasia. This growing number of professionals experienced in low carb diets marks significant progress over the decade that Low Carb Down Under have been advocating for access to this efficacious nutritional therapy. 

Life as a Low Carb GP

Low carb diets, once considered an alternative approach in the shadows, are now receiving much recognition as a gold standard health tool. The momentum for this practical and effective therapy has been led by hundreds of thousands of patients adopting the approach, whilst international health bodies stubbornly lagged behind the tide of case studies and research. 

Low Carb and Ketogenic Diet therapies are highly effective and sustainable for weight loss, diabetes type 2 management and reversal. Research also indicates promising effects for a wide range of metabolic, inflammatory, and wider health conditions, including, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, some cancers, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Whilst another branch of scientific research is focused on demonstrating the benefits ketosis can have on serious mental health conditions.

Many doctors, dieticians, cardiologists, nutritionists, nurses, sports physiologists, health coaches and even dentists have seen the benefits of low carbohydrate and ketogenic nutrition within their own practices. 

Practitioners often report that including low carb therapy as a tool in their practice has provided a rewarding turning point in their own career. Patients can see improved blood glucose control, mood, energy, sleep patterns, and reduced inflammation in the body, leading to improved joint pain, skin problems, and digestive issues. Rather than adding medications, doctors are able to reduce medications, and improve patient’s quality of life.

Low Carb Gold Coast 2019 GP Interview  

A low carb expert panel discuss the practicalities and benefits of introducing low carb therapy in their own practices and areas of work.

Low Carb in General Practice 

Dr Penny Figtree shares her rewarding experiences as a GP now supporting patients with Low Carb nutritional therapy. 

Find a Low Carb Practitioner 

Finding a practitioner that not only understands low carb nutritional therapy, but one that can advise and tailor the approach to you is important. Applying low-carb and ketogenic nutrition therapy to control, reverse or manage health conditions will often require monitoring from an experienced practitioner, to assess and adjust medications as required.

A knowledgeable practitioner can help you to get started, check and monitor your health markers and help you to stay on track. Working with an expert will help you to unpick decades of food habits and the many social challenges we all encounter when changing eating style.  

Find the support that you need to make your low carb lifestyle a success. Use our interactive map or scroll through our list of low carb doctors and health professionals.  Practitioners are listed by area and profession in all Australian states and territories, as well as in New Zealand. 

Search for a low carb doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, psychiatrist or health coach here, in the Low Carb Down Under Directory. Let us know if a listing needs updating or if you know of a practitioner who should be included.

Many of the low carb practitioners listed also offer consultations online or over phone.

Add Your Practice 

To join the Low Carb Down Under Directory of experienced low carb doctors and health professionals, email the Low Carb Down Under team with details of your nutritional therapy experience and practice:

[email protected]

Low Carb Frequently Asked Questions

When getting started on your low carb lifestyle you may have some questions, about: how low carb therapy works; what foods to eat; which foods to avoid; how to plan, monitor and adjust your diet.

Here at Low Carb Down Under we have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions responses, to help inform you at the beginning of your journey. As well as a compilation of some popular low carb recipes, often from our friends in the wider low carb community.

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  1. Robert Hamza
    | Reply

    Can you reveal the list of practicing low carb GPs/carnivore friendly GPs in Melbourne metropolitan area Victoria.
    Thank you

  2. Isabela
    | Reply

    Can you please send me a link with a list of doctors who following low carb concept in brisbane

    • claire
      | Reply

      Have you checked our directory? If you are struggling it might be helpful to book a coaching call with LCDU to connect with a health coach who could help you.

  3. Leanne
    | Reply

    Any low carb carni doctors near Morayfield postcode 4510 area? Thank you 🙂

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