Low Carb Gold Coast 2022

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By Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist at Leafie.org

We’re back!  Low Carb Down Under is excited to announce the return of the biggest low-carb nutrition event in Australia, with Low Carb Gold Coast 2022.  

Join us from 14th to 16th of October, on the Gold Coast for a jam-packed weekend of presentations, networking, interactive break-out sessions and panel discussions.

Learn from experienced health professionals from wide-ranging medical and health disciplines from across Australia and New Zealand. Presentations on the Low Carb High Fat nutrition approach to optimising health will enhance your knowledge of great nutrition and empower you to take control of your own metabolic health. 

Gold Coast 2022 Presenters

Low-Carb-high-fat diets have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to sustain weight loss, reverse diabetes type 2 and significantly improve diverse health conditions. 

Presentations and panel discussions on health, nutrition and science topics, will include nutrition and chronic disease, coronary health, statins, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, neurological conditions, fasting, practicalities of low carb nutrition, carnivore, as well as highlighting case studies from clinical practice.

Low Carb Gold Coast 2022 speakers include:

Dr James Muecke “Advocating for Nutritional  Change”

Former eye surgeon and 2020 Australian of the Year, Dr James Muecke AM has dedicated his career to fighting blindness.  He has now become one of Australia’s leading advocate for nutrition change to prevent the devastation and unnecessary blindness caused by Type-2-Diabetes.

Dr James Muecke

Dr Paul Mason “Statins for Primary Prevention?”

A Fellowship-trained Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician with degrees in Medicine, Physiotherapy and Occupational Health Dr Paul Mason treats patients and presents internationally on low carbohydrate nutritional therapy.

Dr Penny Figtree ”Low Carb for Chronic Kidney Disease”

Dr Figtree has over 20 years of experience in general practice and now focuses on weight loss and diabetes care.

Dr Liz Fraser “De-prescribing – Case Reports”

Dr Fraser has been a practising GP for almost two decades and cofounder of Low Carb Canberra. Her focus on nutritional medicine and supporting patients with complex health problems. She will be presenting on “De-prescribing – Case Reports” alongside Dr Penny Figtree and Dr Ron Schweitzer.

Dr Matt Phillips “Metabolic Strategies in Healthcare: A New Era”
Dr Anja Michel “Fasting – The Reset if You Get Stuck”
Dr Anthony Chaffee “Plants Are Trying to Kill You”
Amy Rush APD CDE “Reducing Carbohydrates: the Macronutrient Approach”
Dr Peter Walsh “Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome – Type 4 Diabetes?”
Dr Pran Yoganathan “The Barriers to Health”
Dr Simon Thornley “Finding the Truth in Nutrition: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective”
Dr Peter Brukner “Diet and Chronic Disease”
Prof Grant Schofield “Glutamate Excitotoxicity”
Dr Penny Figtree, Dr Liz Fraser, Dr Ron Schweitzer “De-prescribing – Case Reports”
Dr Deepa Mahananda, Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Dr Laureen Lawler-Smith Panel Discussion “Lipids, Statins and Coronary Artery Calcium”
Dr Susan Swanson, Dr Jackie Montefiore, Dr Alex Petrushevskki “Low Carb Case Reports”
Dr Sarah Hancock “Oral Health and Low Carb Nutrition”

Further presenters and panel discussions will be added as details are confirmed.

Book Tickets

The Low Carb Under team is looking forward to welcoming you from Friday 14th October at 2 pm to Sunday 16th October at 5 pm. At the Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre, 2684-2690 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach, QLD 4218.

Tea and coffee will be served throughout the conference, as well as a morning tea and tasty low-carb lunch on Saturday 15th October.

Tickets and further information are available here. Early bird tickets are available until 31st July 2022.
Book tickets and accommodation early to avoid disappointment.

Contact the LCDU team with any enquiries, at [email protected]

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  1. Ginney Hayward
    | Reply

    Is this open to interested people or just medical folk. Have an avid interest as someone who has benefited enormously from low carb . IAM now a very fit 83 year old in the best shape in a lifetime. What is the cost of tickets should they be available?

    • claire
      | Reply

      Hi Ginney, thanks for your question. Yes, the conference is for both members of the public and medical professionals, anyone with an interest in low carb nutrition. We are very pleased to hear how you have benefitted. Team LCDU

  2. Alison Slater
    | Reply

    Hi, I have attended the Conference on the Gold Coast in the past, and am so disappointed that I have other commitments that weekend this coming October. Are the sessions taped, and if so, if I register is it possible to have access to recordings after the event? So many wonderful speakers….
    I would appreciate your feedback.
    Many Thanks,

    • claire
      | Reply

      Hi there – the talks will be recorded, and you will be able to catch them as they appear on the LCDU YouTube channel throughout the year.

    • claire
      | Reply

      Hi Alison – we are pleased to hear that you value the conference and presentations. We will be releasing presentations from the conference on the Low Carb Down Under YouTube channel throughout the year.

  3. Debbie
    | Reply

    The early bird price I missed it by a few days. I really wanted that price. Oh well can you tell me which would be the better day to attend please. I can’t find a program

  4. Ala
    | Reply

    Is there an online option for attendees from overseas who are unable to travel?

    • claire
      | Reply

      Hi there – the talks will be recorded, and you will be able to catch them as they appear on the LCDU YouTube channel throughout the year.

    • claire
      | Reply

      We are not streaming the conference – but presentations will be released on our YouTube channel.

  5. Terry
    | Reply


    Is there an program available for the three days? I am interested in coming along for at least one day but would like to know what the schedule of speakers is each day if you don’t mind?

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