Our Children Our Legacy – By Dr. Tim O’Dowd

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Our Children Our Legacy – Passing on the gift of good health

“… offers a fascinating look into the intricacies of early fetal development and the many external factors including nutrition,
that can influence these finely attuned processes.”

Lily Nichols (RDN)

“… this beautifully written book combines good science, medicine, and Tim’s extensive clinical experience.”

Dr. Rod Tayler

“… a clarion call to think about the true causes of many chronic, modern diseases.”

Dr. David Unwin

“This is an exceptional book.”

 Prof. Tim Noakes

Dr. Tim O'Dowd | Author of Our Children, Our Legacy. Passing on the Gift of  Good Health


Our Children, Our Legacy explores the vital, often overlooked, connection between nutrition and reproductive health.

This comprehensive book explores the societal challenges behind the rise in infertility and chronic disease.  Many of the chronic illnesses of today are due to our bodies response to poor nutrition.  Dr. O’Dowd’s book shares insights into the path that has led society into health crisis: the rise in chronic diseases; increased vulnerability to novel infections; and an increasingly medicated society.  

Underpinning this book is the key premise that we all have a personal obligation to ourselves and to the next generation, our children.  We have the opportunity to act now to turn away from delivering a legacy of chronic disease.  Instead, we can choose to take action to optimise our own overall and reproductive health, in order to pass on a healthier future.  

The book offers clear advice on how to build a strong nutritional foundation to support lifelong health, starting even before conception.

Dr. Tim O’Dowd

Dr. Tim O’Dowd is a Gynaecologist and IVF doctor, trained in Europe and Australia. Originally hailing from Ireland, Dr. O’Dowd has spent several decades practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology on the Gold Coast. Co-Founder of the Fertility Gold Coast clinic and member of the Queensland Fertility Group, Tim has a deep interest in the significant role nutrition plays in fertility, pregnancy and child health. 

Dr. Tim O’Dowd presents on ‘PCOS and Insulin Resistance: A lifetime of opportunities’

Dr. O’Dowd is a strong advocate for Low-Carb-High-Fat, Ketogenic Diet, and fasting nutritional therapies. Finding this way of eating improves patients’ overall health, fertility, and reproductive health, particularly for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Dr. Tim O’Dowd – ‘Reproductive Nutrition’

5 Star Book Reviews

  • C Patterson: The ultimate guide to nutrition
    This important and accessible book urges us to review what and why we eat. Essential reading for all, especially now.

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