Perth’s New Low Carb Medical Centre

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By Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist at

Perth’s New Medical Centre Offering Low Carb Nutrition Support 

A new medical practice with a big difference opened its doors January 2021.   ‘Perth Metabolic Centre’ will specialise in treatment of metabolic disease; medical weight loss; diabetes; pre-diabetes and insulin resistance.

Medical Centre GP, Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan, explains that “Medical science has evolved, but medical practice has remained the same.  Old advice over the past several decades told us to exercise more and eat less fat to stay slim and metabolically well.  We now know that hormonal homeostasis, blood glucose and insulin control are paramount to maintaining and improving weight and health”. 

Dr. Sanjeev Balakrishnan is a family general practitioner with over two decades of experience. Dr Sanjeev is an advocate for the management of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome through low carbohydrate nutrition. Dr Sanjeev discusses the advantages of managing health conditions through lifestyle changes at Low Carb Denver 2020.

Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan

“For too long patients have been told that a lifetime of medication is their only option.  Perth Medical Centre will provide advice on how to control these metabolic health conditions.  We will also support our patients to improve and in some cases reverse their health conditions, such as Diabetes Type 2 and pre-diabetes.  With the correct testing, monitoring, education and advice patients can achieve and sustain their weight loss goals, instead of feeling helpless or ashamed” said Dr Balakrishnan.

Australia’s Health Crisis

2/3 of Australian adults are at risk diabetes.

Two thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese, which increases risk of cancers, stroke, heart disease and diabetes-type-2. Type-2-diabetes, a devastating chronic disease, is thought to affect one in ten Australians. The condition can cause serious consequences, including causing blindness, amputations, kidney failure, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and death. 

Patient Centred Approach

The alarming increase of obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease among Australians are a cause for real concern. We know that these health conditions are all closely associated, they are also often preventable and reversible with lifestyle changes. ‘Reversing diabetes’ refers to significant long-term improvement in insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes. so that patients can safely be taken off their medications over time. Achieving these life changing health improvements is within reach of many patients, once they receive the correct advice and support. 

Park Group Medical

The new centre will provide patients with education and advice around the best treatment options available to them. Park Metabolic Centre, based in Victoria Park Central Shopping Centre, WA, is accepting new patient registrations.

Low Carb Practitioners

A low carbohydrate or keto diet means that the body burns fat for fuel as its source of fuel. Consult with an experienced medical practitioner before changing your diet.

To locate a specialist in your area for support and advice see our list, here.

21 Responses

  1. Ann Taylor
    | Reply

    Good to know as I am moving from Brisbane to Perth (North)
    And will be looking for new Practitioners.

    • claire
      | Reply

      Thanks for your comment Ann. yes good to know where and who the current practitioners are, LCDU also have a resource on Practitioners.

      • Stephen
        | Reply

        Wish you were in Geraldton .

        • claire
          | Reply

          There are online consultations available. Why not have a look at the LCDU Directory for an online consulation.

  2. Dr Vicki Westoby
    | Reply

    Hi Sanjeev
    I’m a FRACGP working as a Breast Physician at RPH. I’ve recently discovered and introduced low carb and intermittent fasting into my lifestyle.
    Would be interested to chat about your new low carb medical centre. Thanks
    Mobile 0417992325

    • claire
      | Reply

      Thanks Vicki, we have passed your message on to Sanjeev.

  3. Sue
    | Reply

    I live in the Southwest and would love some support with my lchf approach. Do you guys do zoom consults or is it all face to face?

    • claire
      | Reply

      Thanks for your comment Sue, please contact the new practice directly with enquiries. Best wishes from the LCDU Team.

  4. Lyn
    | Reply

    He is my GP and owe so much to him with my overall health.. no medication just plenty of knowledge and support… I’m 67…

  5. Kim Allison
    | Reply

    Encouraging to see your comments Sue. I am looking forward to seeing someone with my problems. I have been looking into Keto for a while and it makes so much sense for me to be on a keto diet. I am sixty six and have had stomach and bowel problems for a few years now and can’t seem to get much help.

  6. Maria
    | Reply

    Does Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan also help people on a carnivore diet here in Perth ?
    Kind Regards
    Maria Fanchetti

  7. Carol J White
    | Reply

    Does this clinic give advise on cholesterol and statins etc. I am low carb but hate taking meds.

    • claire
      | Reply

      Please contact them directly with personal enquiries Carol.

  8. Barb Brewer
    | Reply

    My husband and I have been low carb/keto for over 2 years now. We each lost 20kg and health improved considerably. We have moved back to Perth after living over east for a couple of years and are now looking for a Dr that supports our lifestyle. May I ask if you bulk bill? Also how long would it take to be seen? Thank you

  9. John M. Davison
    | Reply

    I am a male 76 years.
    Have had dietary problems all my life.
    Have just found out that my
    Maltase 59
    Sucrase 18
    Lactase 11
    I require dietary help and wish to make an appointment
    Thanking you in anticipation of favourable reply.

    • claire
      | Reply

      Contact the Medical Centre directly with your enquiries. thanks.

  10. Gaynor Ward
    | Reply

    Do you support fasting?

    • claire
      | Reply

      Contact the Medical Centre directly with your enquiries. thanks.

  11. karen wain
    | Reply

    Good Morning,
    Are you able to provide the clinics contact number if I am interested in making an appointment.

    Kind regards

    • claire
      | Reply

      Hi Karen – do make contact with the clinic directly for an appointment.

  12. Joe Bawden
    | Reply

    Hi, my name is Joe Bawden,
    I am enquiring if anyone knows of any doctors in SA who work in the field of Carnivora or low carb as I am on a carnivore/ low carb diet or should I say a way of eating, as you know most GP don’t like or understand people eating Low Carb, carnivore . looking forward to your response.

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