PHC Conference 2021 Round Up

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By Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist at

PHC Conference May 2021 Round Up 

UK Charity Public Health Collaboration have wound up this years 2021 Virtual Conference, hosting a range of imminent speakers on diverse health topics. This years conference was held online, with all presentations available for unlimited time for free, so that we can all enjoy accessing their informative health content at our own pace wherever we are in the world.

The PHC Conference is an international health conference held by the Public Health Collaboration UK with the aim to better inform the public on the power of lifestyle to create a better world, through sharing knowledge and information on the latest developments in public health.

PHC Conference Presentations

This years conference presented multi-disciplinary perspectives on wide ranging public health issues and challenges, including heart and coronary health; food addiction; low carb nutrition support in general practice; dieting disorders; fats and health; vitamin D; fasting; type 1 diabetes and developing and supporting real food communities. Full list of presentations here.

We have highlighted some of our favourite conference talks below:

Sydney based Dr Paul Mason shares Why Your Doctor is Wrong About Statins and Fat. Dr. Mason has been treating patients to achieve sustained weight loss, improve metabolic health and reduction in joint pain over a number of years; recently became the Chief Medical Officer of Defeat Diabetes and is familiar expert speaker at Low Carb Down Under events.

Renowned clinical researcher, professor and author on low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets Dr Eric Westman shares the top 10 misconceptions of and insights into the evidence behind ketogenic diets in his talk ‘Internet-based vs Evidence-based Keto‘.

UK GP and Low Carb researcher Dr David Unwin shared insights from eight years of supporting patients adapt to low carbohydrate nutrition in general practice ‘8 Years of Low Carb at Norwood Surgery’.

Gary Taubes is an investigative science and health journalist and the author of international bestsellers The Case Against Sugar; Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It; Good Calories, Bad Calories. He discusses ‘The Case for LCHF / Keto and the State of the Controversy’. 

A talk into an important and often overlooked area caught our interest. ‘Food addiction’ is an increasingly hot topic, with a rise in research papers, articles and public interest despite no official diagnostic or treatment approach as yet. Dr Jen Unwin & Heidi Giaever explain more on why food addiction is not a recognised problem yet, the approaches being looked at to help people, and their own task force progressing resources, research and combining expertise in their presentation ‘Food Addiction: What’s to be Done?’. Comments on the presentation included: Eloise N “Terrific work Jen and Heidi – such important research work to increase knowledge in this area”.

Dave Feldman, is an engineer, author and a citizen scientist. He experienced considerably elevated total cholesterol after starting a low carb diet which began his journey of research and sharing knowledge on cholesterol and the lipid system. He shares his insights in his talk The Lipid Energy Model: New Insights on Fasting and Cell Structure.

Dr Joanne McCormack shares her experience and insights of creating and sustaining empowered real food communities in Creating Real Food Communities. Comment on the talk “Thanks for your time and energy. You are instrumental in spreading good health info” Jules B.

Real success stories: Inspirational individuals shared their own real stories of improving their’s and their family’s health by challenging the status quo nutrition advice in ‘Your Health Stories & Successes by Passionate People’.

The series of expert presentations and real health stories has been well received.  Comments include: “Thanks so much for hosting this really informative and interesting lecture. I’ve been VLC for almost 2 years. Because of dropping legumes and all but the smallest amount of wholegrains, my joints and gut have been transformed . Almost no pain. The weight loss is a great side benefit, of course. But it’s the freedom from pain that is the main motivator for me. It’s been truly astonishing”.

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