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Australia’s second REGENERATE health summit is only days away. This progressive health optimisation event takes place on Sunday 21st April 2024 in Melbourne’s iconic 75 Reid St venue.

The Summit takes on some of the biggest issues of our times. Presenting information and discussion to counter the chronic disease & metabolic health pandemic affecting Australians and worldwide.

REGENERATE Summit Speakers

Presentations and discussion aim to empower you to be able to optimise your health, including talks on Low Carb, Carnivore & Ancestral Diets and Regenerative Farming. The summit has been planned with connection in mind, providing attendees with ample opportunities to meet and discuss issues with presenters, and like minded attendees.

Dr Pran Yoganathan – ‘What are the Barriers to Health?’ at Low Carb

Event Details

Founded by Dr Maxwell Gulhane and Simon Lewis REGENERATE Health summit aims to connect, building knowledge and community.

The key goals of REGENERATE are to:

  1. Strengthen community health knowledge, free from conflicts of interest.
  2. Highlight regenerative farming practices and produce.
  3. Connect like-minded people to forge stronger self-reliant communities.

Book tickets and find out more at REGENERATE AUS.

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