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Post by Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist with

A Doctor’s Guide to reversing diabetes.

Dr Peter Brukner’s new book The Diabetes Plan combines tasty recipes with a practical plan, for Australians living with type 2 diabetes.

Peter’s Low-Carb Self-Experiment

Claire McDonnell Liu, of the Low Carb Down Under team, caught up with Dr Peter Brukner to share The Diabetes Plan insights into how type 2 diabetes can be reversed with simple food changes.

Peter explained how he first found low-carb nutrition, and why he is so passionate about helping others to achieve the health improvements that he realised effortlessly with his Low Carb foods. He believes that carbohydrate restriction is the key to putting type 2 diabetes into remission, and that people should have easy access to information and support to do so.

As a sports medicine physician working, with elite sports teams around the world, Peter was stunned when diagnosed with pre-diabetes and other metabolic conditions in his 60s.

His research led to him adopting a low-carbohydrate diet, for three months, as a self-experiment. After quickly losing thirteen kilograms, without hunger, and dramatically improving all of his health markers, Peter knew others needed to know that this was an option for their health too.

Peter has since become a leading advocate of low-carb nutrition, founding Defeat Diabetes, an online support program helping thousands of Australians to reverse their diabetes.

The Diabetes Plan Book

In The Diabetes Plan, Peter shares his straightforward approach to foods, serving up meal plans, case studies and his favourite tasty everyday recipes. 

Chapters on sugar substitutes, which fats we should eat, and his practical traffic light eating guide help to make sense of this eating style for those switching over. While sections highlighting the serious nature and extent of diabetes, as well as the flawed logic in current diabetes nutrition advice, warrant serious consideration.

Brukner’s very helpful FAQs and Mythbusters chapter answer many of the key questions those new to a low-carb diet need to know and shut down some of the nonsense claims levelled at low-carb nutrition. For example why a low-carb diet can be maintained long term, whilst other diets fail; why saturated fat is not the bad guy in heart health; will carb restriction lead to deficiencies; and is ketosis dangerous.


Chicken soup, hearty chilli, bacon salad; burger, pizza, roast dinners, tray bakes, veg-based pasta, curry, powerhouse breakfast, snacks, dips, and desserts – Peter has all of these and more covered, setting out the impressively modest carb totals of each meal.

Defeat Diabetes

The Defeat Diabetes Program, founded by Dr Brukner, has already helped thousands to reverse diabetes type 2 and to lose weight. Many happy clients have also reported increased energy, sleep, lower blood glucose levels and better overall health.

In Summary.

Dr Peter Brukner has provided yet another accessible, practical, well-considered resource that will help many families worldwide. 

Authoritative and effective, this is a simple guide on how we could avoid diabetes, reverse a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, or reduce the need for diabetes medication. This a book to invest in for anyone looking to avoid or to better control diabetes type 2.

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  1. Roger Horton
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot Peter for your inspiration and also for Paul Mason and the others in your team when I first was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I thought that’s a death sentence anyway I did a google search and I found your site defeat diabetes and long story short I ended up going from 112 kg down to 91 kg where I am today off all meds and BMI 24.5?. I am on some supplements but eat real food and heading towards the sort of meat,-based, Keto type lifestyle and exercise each day, so I’m feeling so much better and just want to give you a heads up and give you Thanks for inspiring me to do better. Cheers

    • claire
      | Reply

      That’s wonderful news Roger. Thanks for letting us know – we’re very pleased you were able to find this option, and that Keto is working so well for you! Keep up the great work.

  2. Mathew Howell
    | Reply

    Thanks so very much to the Defeat Diabetes team.
    I was told in Feb of this year (2023) by my GP that I my be pre-daibetic.
    Having a mate that has basically been dealt the Royal Flush, blindness, kidney failure, heart problems, and amputations via doctrinal treatment over 20 years I thought bugger this no way.
    Found Defeat Diabetes by complete accident on line and have been following the guidelines of the team for 3 months now. Well I have lost 7 kg, HbA1c down from 6.6 to 5.3.
    I feel much healthier within myself, not hungry any more and only have 2 main meals per day, It’s so easy to have this food way of life, not a diet at all, with virtually 0 carbs and 0 sugars in my life. one of the best bits for me is no more cravings!
    Thanks again team and keep fighting for everyone out there your work is greatly appreciated. Mat

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