Dale’s Nutty Fudge Bars


2 1/3 cups whey powder
30g 90% Lindt (or 20g 90% and 10g 99%)
112g butter
120g full fat ricotta cheese
30g chopped macadamias
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon almond or macadamia butter
2 tbl sweetener equivalent


  1. Melt butter, ricotta, nut butter and chocolate in a bowl and mix together very well.
  2. Add sweetener and vanilla, mix well again.
  3. Add macadmias and protein powder and mix. It will be difficult and messy to mix, you will have to use your hands near the end to knead it all together, squeezing so that the powder dissolves into the mixture.
  4. Place in a square brownie baking pan, flatten and refrigerate. When cooled and hardened, cut into 16 bars.

Per bar: 194 cals, 9g fat, 1.8g carbs, 26g protein.