Introducing Sweet Potato & Bacon Keto Muffins, a vibrant golden savoury muffin that makes a perfect autumn or winter comfort food, especially served warm with lashings of grass-fed butter.

Ditching your sweet tooth doesn’t mean you have to miss out on muffins. Savoury muffins make great LCHF snacks on the go, in the kids lunch boxes, at afternoon tea or as an ideal compliment to a warming Keto soup recipe, such as this Traditional Organic Chicken Soup Recipe. Muffins are also super versatile, add in some herbs, chilli, experiment with other Low Carb veggies, add different cheeses for flavour or simply use up your leftovers!

No highly processed white flour needed, these tasty low carb muffins from Leafie.org are made with almond flour, sweet potato and bacon, and a hint of golden turmeric for added warmth.

These Sweet Potato and Bacon Keto Muffins are ready in under 40 minutes. They make a great weekend recipe to whiz together with the children, to get them interested in different flavours, ingredients and textures to work with.