We have compiled a list of current Australian and New Zealand based Health Coaches with specialist knowledge of Ketogenic and low carbohydrate nutritional therapies.

Contact the Low Carb Down Under team with enquiries or to update the list of professionals.


Peter Williams 
Low Carb Health Coach 
Special Interest: Type 1 Diabetes and Low Carb Nutrition
South Australia
Email: [email protected]

Claire McDonnell-Liu
Naturopathic Nutritionist and Health Coach
Special Interest: sugar free family nutrition and weight loss.
Perth, Western Australia
[email protected]

Helen Chauhan MSc, MBA, CIHC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Reclaim your health and vitality through simple food and lifestyle changes
In-person (Melbourne) and via Skype
0404 887 478
[email protected]

X-PERT Weight Group Program
Lose weight and keep it off
In-person (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) and via Skype

Tracey McBeath
The Health & Healing Coach
Nutrition Network Advisor & Lecturer
Certified Banting Coach
Qualified Personal Trainer
Founder, Low Carb Melbourne Facebook Group
Creator of the Low Carb Lifestyle Hub
Podcast – The Low Carb Lifestyle Podcast
Facebook: Tracey McBeath Coaching

Karina Bronska
be well stay well
Consultant Pharmacist + Credentialled Diabetes Educator + Health Coach (PreKure)

Wollongong NSW 2520
0403 067 648
[email protected]

Jinji Dissanayake
Simply Be – heal better, feel better
Accredited low carb/ketogenic health coach and bioenergetic practitioner
0439 919 555
Consultations via Skype or Phone
[email protected]

Rod Bucton
Sports Adventure Health Coaching
Helping you to get back into the best shape of your life with one on one and online coaching
Health Coach (Primal Health Institute)
Port Macquarie NSW Australia
0406 566 748
[email protected]

Katie Dillon
Integrative Health Coach
Ballina NSW Australia
0412 197 912
[email protected]
Consultations via Skype, phone or in person

Jacinta Callaghan
WIN Health Coach Clinic
6 Babara St
Stafford Qld 4053
0428 602 996
[email protected]
Home Visits for pre-existing clients Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich
Online appointments via Skype, Zoom or Phone

Maria Frazer
Flourish Health and Wellness
Health Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia)
Kempsey NSW
0428 520 057
[email protected]
Consultations – in person, by phone or Zoom
Pursue your NATURAL best through a whole food (Low Carb/Ketogenic/Ancestral) approach

Sarah Jane
Keto Trans4mations
Helping 30 -50 year olds reverse diabetes T2, reduce symptoms of depression and release excess weight in 12 weeks or I work with you until you do
Certified Dr Eric Berg health and keto coach
Free 45 min initial consultation via telephone, zoom or face to face (Melbourne)
Book your free session here:
12 week customised full coaching program to transform your health
Consultations in person, via phone or Zoom

Vanessa Armstrong
Founder of Keto Buddies
Certified Health and Weight Loss Accountability Coach (HCI)
Helping women struggling to lose weight to end their ride on the diet roller coaster and lose the weight differently. Vanessa is a coach with a personal journey weight loss journey and is passionate to help others.
Book your free consultation here:
1:1 coaching via video, phone or in-person (Geelong, Victoria area)
Group Coaching Programmes 28 and 90 days via video
0466 632 314
[email protected]

Linda Funnell-Milner
Functional Nutritionist and a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
(Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and NBHWC)
[email protected]
Church Point NSW
0407 586 533
[email protected]
Family Wellness Centre
Consultations – in person, by phone or Zoom

Susie Johnstone
Simply Real Food – Where Wellness Begins
Health Coach (PreKure)
Melbourne, VIC
Helping busy people improve their health, lose weight and restore their confidence through eating low carb real food and making small lifestyle changes.
Consultations via phone, Zoom or in-person
[email protected]

Andre Obradovic
Real Meal Revolution LCHF Coach
Ambassador Noakes Foundation
In person Eltham Melbourne or Virtual
[email protected]

Tira Cole (Nutritionist and Wellness Coach)
Nutritionist & Wellness Coach
Professional Member of Nutrition Council Australia
Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (Australia)
Certified MeatRx Coach
Consultations via online video call
Instagram: @tira.cole
Email: [email protected]
Catriona Anderson
Coaching Psychologist & Optimal Health Coach
Newport, Melbourne
Registered Psychologist
Prekure Certified Health Coach
Professional Member, Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association
Helping people achieve healthy weight levels, sound metabolic health and wellbeing through Low Carb nutrition, sustainable behavioural change and empathic support.
Also coach leadership and career development.
+61 409 386 068
Liz Mendelawitz
Nutritionist and Health Coach – Perth
0403 584 446
[email protected]


Darren Cash
Certified Primal Health Coach and Certified Pre-Kure Coach
Coaching busy people to crush the office bod, invigorate life, lose weight and gain more energy
1:1 online coaching. Wholefood Low Carb lifestyle
In-person (Auckland Area) and Zoom
+64 27 336 6559
[email protected]

Michelle Bishop
Free Your Best Self – Vital Keys Health Coach
PreKure Health Coach / Functional Medicine Health Coach /MINDD Health Coach
Carb-Appropriate Holistic and Performance Nutrition Coach
Certified Fitness Consultant
Play a key role in how alive you feel, how well you age and in the prevention or management of disease, by discovering the wholefood carb-appropriate lifestyle that works for you, your life stage and health or life goals
+64 211 904 980
1:1 coaching online via Zoom or Skype
[email protected]

Ashlee Sturme                                                                                                                                    Enspirited Health and Wellness Coaching                                                                                                    Certified PreKure Coach. Are you done with feeling tired, busy, overwhelmed and guilty about your life? I’m here to support busy women as they rediscover their passions and energy through sustainable lifestyle development. One on one and group coaching (Facebook, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Phone) NZ-wide – guiding you through sleep, wholefood, stress management, low-carb, mindful, career and parenting changes.

Tira Cole (Nutrition & Wellness Coach)
Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (Australia)
Certified MeatRx Coach
Consultations via online video call
+64 27 268 7498

Instagram: @tira.cole
Email: [email protected]