Cereal Killers

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‘Cereal Killers’ is a feature length documentary about one man’s attempt to hack his genes and drop dead healthy by turning the food pyramid on its head.

The film follows Donal O’Neill– a lean, fit, seemingly healthy 41 year old man – on a quest to avoid the heart disease and diabetes that has afflicted his family. Donal’s father Kevin, an Irish gaelic football star from the 1960s, won the first of 2 All Ireland Championships with the Down Senior Football Team in 1960 before the biggest crowd (94,000) ever seen at an Irish sporting event.

When Kevin suffered a heart attack later in life, family and friends were shocked. How does a lean, fit and seemingly healthy man – who has sailed through cardiac stress tests – suddenly fall victim to heart disease?

Can a controversial diet consisting of 70% fat provide the answers? Donal ditches wheat and sugar in a food plan under the guidance of legendary South African Sports Scientist Prof. Tim Noakes.

*Please note that copies of ‘Cereal Killers’ DVD’s will be delivered in a clam-shell style case without insert artwork

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