Death by Carbs


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Are you eating yourself into an early grave?

There are three serious, widespread addictions in western society which account for countless unnecessary and premature deaths. We all have to die sometime; these things just help to ensure that our death is sooner, rather than later. Tobacco and alcohol are self-explanatory and accepted without question by most people. What most of you don’t seem to realise is that far more people die prematurely from carbohydrate poisoning than tobacco and alcohol combined. Premature death by carbohydrate poisoning is a slow but steady process which is potentially completely avoidable. Each year this results in the premature deaths of many millions of ignorant people worldwide, particularly in Western societies. Are you at risk? Do you know how to avoid this Grim Reaper who is trying to take your soul to another place before you are ready to leave? This book reviews the scientific evidence behind the claims.

– Dr. Stephen K Fairley

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