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*Please note – due to restrictions on the transport of batteries, we are unable to ship the Ketonix Internationally.

This is the latest version of KETONIX® Breath Ketone Analyzer designed for use with a mobile device.
Measures and charts for analyze is easily available in the mobile app (iOS and Android).
An optimal tool to find out how lifestyle changes affects your ketosis.
Calibration is automated.


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The Bluetooth Smart protocol means you do not have to pair it to use the app. Just open the app, select your device and go!
Here is a video demonstrating how to use it together with an iPhone:
Here is the same but using a Samsung Galaxy:

A perfect choice for anyone who is adopting a Paleo, Ketogenic or Low Carb diet.

Note: Current software is only available for macOS desktop app and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android supporting Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
(A Beta version for the Windows platform is now also available. However it might break other bluetooth connections as the driver needs to be replaced.)

The measuring unit is in PPM, do not compare this to the earlier KETONIX® models 2015 Blue and Red units.

This Ketonix model automatically calibrates itself, there is no need for user calibration.

If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, you still need to check your glucose.
This device is not intended to replace your glucose or beta-hydroxybutyrate measuring devices.

Below is a reference chart for typical PPM ranges:


Does this work on your computer or phone?  Well it needs Bluetooth 4.0 supported hardware.

Mac & iOS connectivity:

Bluetooth 4.0 is included in most phones, iPod touches and iPads that will be capable of running iOS 8 when it comes out this fall. (The iPad 2 supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, but all other iOS 8-capable devices are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.)

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that clear cut on the Mac side of things. The cutoff starts somewhere in 2011:

  • The Mac mini and MacBook Air where both updated with Bluetooth 4.0 support in 2011.
  • The MacBook Pro and iMac added it a year later in 2012.
  • The Mac Pro added support with the new black model in December 2013.

You can check for yourself if you’re not exactly sure which Mac model you have.

To determine your Mac’s Bluetooth version

  1. Click the  menu.
  2. Select About This Mac.
  3. Click on the System Report… button.
  4. Select Bluetooth from the sidebar on the left, underneath “Hardware.”
  5. Scan down the list of information until you find “LMP Version.”

If your Mac is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, LMP Version will say 0x6. Anything lower than that is an older version of Bluetooth.

Mobile Devices:

Most mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 supported hardware should work if they run iOS or Android.

Remember, if the Ketonix app on your phone is connected to the Ketonix device, it will not show up in your desktop and vice versa.
It can only be connected to one app at any time.


  • Indicates your ketone production by analyzing your breath.
  • A reusable instrument that can be used thousands of times.
  • Powered by a USB port 5V 1A, USB charger(not included) 5V or a 5V battery with USB port. The included USB cable is only used for power, not communication.
  • Application indicating acetone in PPM.
  • Self calibration. This device calibrates itself, there is no need for user initiated calibration.
  • Clients are at the moment available for macOS, iOS and Android. A Windows version is being developed.
  • Record breath ketones locally on your mobile device smartphone/tablet and/or to an online account (
  • You can anonymously contribute your data to studies of ketogenic diets (Optional).
  • Mouthpiece can be easily removed and cleaned. An extra mouthpiece is included. The mouthpiece has three different settings that can easily be changed to adjust the resistance.
  • Software provides profile management to enable several users to share a device using personal mouthpieces.
  • The USB cable is detachable and the battery can be inserted direct to enable mobile measures.
  • Weight: 40 gr (total weight 260 gr).
  • Size: length 130 mm, diameter 25 mm.What is included:
    Ketonix® Bluetooth®, Ketonix Battery, USB Cable, Cable to charge the battery, an extra mouthpiece, a manual and a perfect KETONIX zipper etui.


*Please note – due to restrictions on the transport of batteries, we are unable to ship the Ketonix Internationally.


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Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 22 x 3 x 15 cm
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