What The Fat?

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A practical guide to the LCHF lifestyle, some great LCHF recipes as well as the science of LCHF translated into an easy to understand form.


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Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT.

That’s the premise of ‘What The Fat?’

The Fat Professor (Professor Grant Schofield), the Whole-food Dietitian (Dr. Caryn Zinn) and the Michelin-trained Chef (Craig Rodger) want to change the world and their aim is for this book to be the beginning of a life-changing journey for many who have experienced inexplicable weight gain, the heart break of constant deprivation dieting or worse; physical illness though poor nutrition.

For decades the brightest minds in the nutrition and science fields have had fat pegged as the bad guy. As a result, many of us have been enslaved by an outdated food pyramid which has pushed us to eat carb-laden and processed food. As the evidence mounts against sugar and processed carbohydrates it’s time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia and embrace Low Carb, Healthy Fat.

In this practical guide, the authors present compelling evidence, inspiring success stories and simple ways to ‘eat upside down’. So forget everything you were taught at school, flip the food pyramid and start nourishing your body the way it was designed to be nourished.

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