‘A Worldwide Nutrition Revolution: What Is Next?’ is the final presentation given by Professor Tim Noakes at the ‘Low Carb High Fat Convention’ held in Capetown, South Africa in 2015. It has previously not been available to view for free by the public and has been gratefully provided to us by the Real Meal Revolution team  for a limited time. Special thanks to Jonno Proudfoot and Karen Thomson.

Dr. Rod Tayler was lucky enough to attend this amazing conference and this presentation by Prof. Noakes was a highlight for him.

“This Tim Noakes video is an absolute standout! I think it is the best video related to LCHF I have seen. It answers the question of why we have been given such poor dietary advice for the past 30 years. We all should have some understanding of dietary research, and why association cannot prove causation unless a number of clearly defined criteria are met. Dietary guidelines up to the present have been based on hypotheses which do not satisfy these criteria, or even come close! Tim is such a warm and articulate presenter. Watch this video (at least once!) and let us know what you think”.
Dr Rod Tayler
Low Carb Down Under

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