Low Carb Gold Coast 2022

Low Carb Gold Coast 2022

A weekend of presentations and discussions

on low carbohydrate nutrition

 for optimising weight and health.

WHEN: Friday 14th October at 2:00pm to

Sunday 16th October at 5:00pm

WHERE: Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre

2684-2690 Gold Coast Highway,

Broadbeach, QLD 4218


EARLY BIRD TICKET: $340.00 (available until 31st July)

ADVANCE TICKET: $440.00 (available until 30th September)






Speakers include:

Dr James Muecke “Advocating for Nutritional  Change”

Dr Paul Mason “Statins for Primary Prevention?”

Dr Matt Phillips “Metabolic Strategies in Healthcare: A New Era”

Dr Anja Michel “Fasting – The Reset if You Get Stuck”

Dr Anthony Chaffee “Plants Are Trying to Kill You”

Dr Paul Mason Second topic to be advised

Amy Rush APD CDE “Reducing Carbohydrates: the Macronutrient Approach”

Dr Peter Walsh “Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome – Type 4 Diabetes?”

Dr Pran Yoganathan “The Barriers to Health”

Dr Simon Thornley “Finding the Truth in Nutrition: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective”

Dr Peter Brukner “Diet and Chronic Disease”

Prof Grant Schofield “Glutamate Excitotoxicity”

Dr Penny Figtree, Dr Liz Fraser, Dr Ron Schweitzer “De-prescribing – Case Reports”

Dr Deepa Mahananda, Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Dr Laureen Lawler-Smith Panel Discussion “Lipids, Statins and Coronary Artery Calcium”

Dr Susan Swanson, Dr Jackie Montefiore, Dr Alex Petrushevskki “Low Carb Case Reports”

Dr Sarah Hancock “Oral Health and Low Carb Nutrition”

Dr Penny Figtree  ” Low Carb for Chronic Kidney Disease”


Further presenters and panel discussions will be added as details are confirmed.

Dr James Muecke – As an eye surgeon, Dr Muecke has spent his career fighting blindness. Now this former Australian of the Year 2020 and passionate low carb advocate is focusing on Type-2-Diabetes, the leading cause of blindness in adults, as his next fight.

Dr Paul Mason – An Australian trained medical doctor with a fellowship in sports medicine and degrees in physiotherapy and occupational health. He has an in-depth knowledge of nutritional science and regularly presents his knowledge in lectures challenging conventional wisdom and uses it in clinical practice where he treats the general public and elite athletes.

Dr. Matthew Phillips A neurologist at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand with a passion to explore the potential feasibility, safety, and efficacy of “metabolic” therapies, such as fasting and ketogenic diets, in creating alternate metabolic states that enhance neuron bioenergetics and may lead to improvements in not only the symptoms, but also function and quality of life, for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and a variety of additional neurological disorders. In 2017-2018, his team conducted a world-first randomised controlled study of a ketogenic diet in Parkinson’s.

Dr Anja Michel – Completed a Masters in Biological Sciences before emigrating to Australia in 2007 to complete her PhD. She then commenced medical education at Medical School at The Queensland University to become a Physician Associate and has developed a strong interest in functional medicine; a division of medicine that considers a biology-based approach and focuses on the root problem of complex diseases.
Dr Anthony Chaffee – A Neurosurgical Registrar who over a span of 20 years has researched the optimal nutritional habits for athletic performance and health. He has dedicated many years and a large part of his professional practice to the study and education of diet and nutrition, and personally practices a fully carnivorous diet.

Amy Rush CDE – An Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator working solely with people living with type 1 diabetes. Amy’s passion to help improve the lives of people with type 1 is inspired by her brother, who was diagnosed at a young age.

Dr Peter Walsh – A caring and compassionate GP who grew up in Yallambie and is a father of two. As well as his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Peter has a PhD in molecular and cell biology, and has recently won an award with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

Dr Pran Yoganathan – A Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal endoscopist based in Sydney. He aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing using the philosophy of “let food be thy medicine”.

Dr Simon Thornley – A Public Health Physician, lecturer and researcher in the section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Dr Thornley’s research interests include epidemiological methods and low carbohydrate and low sugar approaches to diet.

Dr Peter Brukner – A world-renowned sports medicine doctor who believes that dietary guidelines are responsible for the current epidemic of diabetes and obesity. He has authored a popular book on nutrition (A Fat Lot of Good), and is the founder of both the SugarByHalf campaign and Defeat Diabetes.

Prof. Grant Schofield – A Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of the University’s Human Potential Centre. His research and teaching interests are in well-being and chronic disease prevention, especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Dr Penny Figtree – Graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with first class honours. After 20 years in general practice she has decided to focus on weight loss and diabetes after seeing the power of a low carbohydrate diet to help people lose weight and reverse diabetes.

Dr Liz Fraser – Completed her medical training in Canberra in 2003. Since then she has worked as a GP with a particular focus on nutritional medicine and helping patients with complex health problems. Dr Fraser is the co-founder of Low Carb Canberra.

Dr Ron Schweitzer – A GP with a major area of interest in the low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) eating approach. He embraced LCHF, both personally and professionally, in 2018 after extensive research.

‘Low Carb Gold Coast 2022’ starts at 2pm on Friday October 14th. There will be welcome drinks and canapes at 6pm. The formal program resumes at 9am on Saturday and will continue through to Sunday afternoon.
Morning tea and a delicious low carb lunch will be provided on Saturday as well as tea and coffee throughout the conference.
We will recommend some local restaurants serving low carb fare for Saturday night dining and for Sunday lunch (not provided).
If you’re planning to attend ‘Low Carb Gold Coast 2022’ we suggest booking early as this event may sell out.
Please note, we have extended this meeting to start on Friday afternoon as we have a wealth of great material. We appreciate not everyone will be able to attend the first day.
We are encouraging poster presentations this year. Contact us if you are interested.
Also we invite exhibitors to contact us as we have lots of space.

Please Note: demand for accommodation is likely to be high at this time of the year so we recommend booking early.
There are a wide range of accommodation options in the local area to suit a range of budgets.
Please contact us if you have queries about accommodation via lowcarbdownunder@gmail.com


We very much look forward to meeting those of you who can make it along and hearing a lot of great presentations!
Rod Tayler and the LCDU Team
For any further information please contact us via lowcarbdownunder@gmail.com