Low Carb Melbourne April 2021

A day of presentations on the latest science of low carbohydrate nutrition.

Low Carb Melbourne April 2021

Sunday 25th April

9am to 5pm

Gasworks Arts Park Theatre

21 Graham St Albert Park

Tea, coffee and lunch provided

COST: $110.00



Featuring local and Australian speakers to inform and support your low carb in practice.

We do not have plans to livestream this meeting.

All of the presentations will be available on the LCDU YouTube channel over the next few months.



Note, the order of presentations may change.

“Blood Tests for Iron Deficiency and Overload” Assoc Prof Ken Sikaris

“Overcoming Blocks to Lifestyle Change”  Dr Mary Barson

“Audit Results from a GP using Low Carb for Type 2 diabetes” Dr Ron Schweitzer

“The Human Gut – A Masterpiece of Evolution” Dr Pran Yoganathan

“Defeat Diabetes? The role of an online program” Dr Peter Brukner

“Carb Addiction is Not Your Fault!” Dr Lucy Burns

“Myth Information” Dr Liz Fraser

“Troubleshooting on a Keto Diet” Dr Paul Mason

“Case Studies from General Practice” Dr Stephen Dudakov, Dr Penny Figtree, Dr Arj Herath and Dr Rob Szabo


Please note, our numbers are limited due to the size of the venue and covid restrictions. We suggest registering early.

We are really looking forward to this meeting!

If you have any queries please contact us via [email protected]