Low Carb November Challenge 2014

Low Carb November Challenge 2014

Low Carb Down Under has a new event that you can star in! Get into shape and good health for Summer (and thereafter)!!

It’s FREE! You will receive a weekly email update detailing how your Low Carb colleagues are travelling throughout November.

You are invited to submit your goals and your progress. However, you may wish to participate simply as an observer or remain anonymous by using a pseudonym. It is totally fine either way.

There will be lots of PRIZES for the best reports in a number of categories.

Prizes include; Tim Noakes’ book “The Real Meal Revolution”, Ketonix Ketone Breath Testers, Dr Stephen Phinney’s book “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” and free tickets to Low Carb Nutrition events around Australia from 15th to 29th November.




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Your goals could include sugar reduction, reducing carb intake down to 50 or 20 grams per day, increasing healthy fat intake, reducing your waist measurement or weight change on the scales.

You are invited to register – simply send an email to [email protected] with “LOW CARB NOVEMBER CHALLENGE” in the subject line and include your name or your pseudonym. You can register at any time throughout November.

If you want you can tell us something about where you are at now, and where you’d like to be, come the end of November.

 Congratulations to David for being our

Low Carb November Challenge winner for 2014!!