Low Carb Paleo Nutrition Brisbane 2015

Low Carb Paleo Nutrition Brisbane 2015

A series of presentations on the topic of Low Carbohydrate and Paleo

nutrition for optimising your weight, health and performance.



‘Introduction to Low Carb and Paleo’ – Dr Rod Tayler and Leah Williamson

‘Low Carb – Where Is the Science At?’ – Prof. Grant Schofield

‘Optimising Micro and Macronutrients for Different Goals’ – Marty Kendall

“How Food Affects Our Psychology” – Carolyn Rogers

Morning Tea

‘The Changing Shape of Spinal Surgery’ – Dr David Johnson

‘Real Food for Kids’ – Leah Williamson

‘Low Carb for Health and Sports Performance’ – Dr Peter Brukner

Q and A Session


‘LCHF – A Nutritionist’s Perspective’ – Katie King

‘Diet and Cancer’ – Dr Gary Fettke

‘Running a Marathon LCHF’ – Jason Lonergan

‘Diabetes, Technology and Children’ – Paul Smith

Afternoon Tea

‘Ketosis and Fasting – Any Benefits?’ – Dr. Rod Tayler

‘The Future of the Real Food Movement’ – Marlies Hobbs

Q and A Session


‘Low Carb Paleo Nutrition Brisbane 2015’

 Saturday October 31st 2015  from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Merivale St & Glenelg Street, South Brisbane, Queensland

Presenter Information:

  • Dr Rod Tayler is a Melbourne anaesthetist and co-founder of Low Carb Down Under.
  • Leah Williamson heads up Brisbane Paleo.
  • Dr Peter Brukner is a Sports Medicine Physician and the Australian Cricket Team doctor.
  • Marty Kendall is a Brisbane engineer who has thoroughly investigated dietary options for his wife’s Type-1 Diabetes.
  • Carolyn Rogers is a Brisbane psychologist who has extensive experience in weight management.
  • Professor Grant Schofield is Head of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology.
  • Dr David Johnson is a Brisbane based spinal surgeon.
  • Katie King is a Brisbane based Nutritionist.
  • Dr Gary Fettke is a Launceston orthopaedic surgeon and founder of Diabetes & Health Research Centre.
  • Jason Lonergan is a high performance athlete with Type-1 Diabetes.
  • Paul Smith is the parent of a child with Type-1 Diabetes.
  • Marlies Hobbs is the founder of Paleo Café.


Supporting exhibitors will be offering their products for sale and providing information before and during the event.

These exhibitors will be operating on a cash only basis for purchases.